Align NFCEE ID range with NCI 1.0 in VtsNfcv1.2 test

As per spec,NFCEE_ID value dynamically assigned by NFCC
has the following range
- In NCI_2.0,  0x80 <= NFCEE ID <= 0xFE.
- In NCI_1.0,  0x01 <= NFCEE ID <= 0xFE.

Bug: 137053584
Test: VtsHalNfcV1_2TargetTest with NCI1.0 & NCI2.0 supported device.
Change-Id: I09adaca8b36900a92d737b176e09234251aae2bc
(cherry picked from commit 67306b3aa6433069ca8f933be8813156c116dac0)
diff --git a/nfc/1.2/vts/functional/VtsHalNfcV1_2TargetTest.cpp b/nfc/1.2/vts/functional/VtsHalNfcV1_2TargetTest.cpp
index ee4a887..54d3127 100644
--- a/nfc/1.2/vts/functional/VtsHalNfcV1_2TargetTest.cpp
+++ b/nfc/1.2/vts/functional/VtsHalNfcV1_2TargetTest.cpp
@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@
 using ::android::hardware::nfc::V1_2::NfcConfig;
 // Range of valid off host route ids
-constexpr unsigned int MIN_OFFHOST_ROUTE_ID = 0x80;
+constexpr unsigned int MIN_OFFHOST_ROUTE_ID = 0x01;
 constexpr unsigned int MAX_OFFHOST_ROUTE_ID = 0xFE;
 constexpr char kCallbackNameSendEvent[] = "sendEvent";