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* Copyright (C) 2016 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <android/hardware/camera/device/3.2/ICameraDevice.h>
#include <android/hardware/camera/device/3.2/ICameraDeviceSession.h>
#include <fmq/MessageQueue.h>
#include <hidl/MQDescriptor.h>
#include <hidl/Status.h>
#include <include/convert.h>
#include <deque>
#include <map>
#include <unordered_map>
#include "CameraMetadata.h"
#include "HandleImporter.h"
#include "hardware/camera3.h"
#include "hardware/camera_common.h"
#include "utils/Mutex.h"
namespace android {
namespace hardware {
namespace camera {
namespace device {
namespace V3_2 {
namespace implementation {
using ::android::hardware::camera::device::V3_2::CaptureRequest;
using ::android::hardware::camera::device::V3_2::HalStreamConfiguration;
using ::android::hardware::camera::device::V3_2::StreamConfiguration;
using ::android::hardware::camera::device::V3_2::ICameraDeviceSession;
using ::android::hardware::camera::common::V1_0::Status;
using ::android::hardware::camera::common::V1_0::helper::HandleImporter;
using ::android::hardware::kSynchronizedReadWrite;
using ::android::hardware::MessageQueue;
using ::android::hardware::MQDescriptorSync;
using ::android::hardware::Return;
using ::android::hardware::Void;
using ::android::hardware::hidl_vec;
using ::android::hardware::hidl_string;
using ::android::sp;
using ::android::Mutex;
struct Camera3Stream;
* Function pointer types with C calling convention to
* use for HAL callback functions.
extern "C" {
typedef void (callbacks_process_capture_result_t)(
const struct camera3_callback_ops *,
const camera3_capture_result_t *);
typedef void (callbacks_notify_t)(
const struct camera3_callback_ops *,
const camera3_notify_msg_t *);
struct CameraDeviceSession : public virtual RefBase, protected camera3_callback_ops {
const camera_metadata_t* deviceInfo,
const sp<ICameraDeviceCallback>&);
virtual ~CameraDeviceSession();
// Call by CameraDevice to dump active device states
void dumpState(const native_handle_t* fd);
// Caller must use this method to check if CameraDeviceSession ctor failed
bool isInitFailed() { return mInitFail; }
// Used by CameraDevice to signal external camera disconnected
void disconnect();
bool isClosed();
// Retrieve the HIDL interface, split into its own class to avoid inheritance issues when
// dealing with minor version revs and simultaneous implementation and interface inheritance
virtual sp<ICameraDeviceSession> getInterface() {
return new TrampolineSessionInterface_3_2(this);
// Methods from ::android::hardware::camera::device::V3_2::ICameraDeviceSession follow
Return<void> constructDefaultRequestSettings(
RequestTemplate type,
ICameraDeviceSession::constructDefaultRequestSettings_cb _hidl_cb);
Return<void> configureStreams(
const StreamConfiguration& requestedConfiguration,
ICameraDeviceSession::configureStreams_cb _hidl_cb);
Return<void> getCaptureRequestMetadataQueue(
ICameraDeviceSession::getCaptureRequestMetadataQueue_cb _hidl_cb);
Return<void> getCaptureResultMetadataQueue(
ICameraDeviceSession::getCaptureResultMetadataQueue_cb _hidl_cb);
Return<void> processCaptureRequest(
const hidl_vec<CaptureRequest>& requests,
const hidl_vec<BufferCache>& cachesToRemove,
ICameraDeviceSession::processCaptureRequest_cb _hidl_cb);
Return<Status> flush();
Return<void> close();
//Helper methods
bool preProcessConfigurationLocked(const StreamConfiguration& requestedConfiguration,
camera3_stream_configuration_t *stream_list /*out*/,
hidl_vec<camera3_stream_t*> *streams /*out*/);
void postProcessConfigurationLocked(const StreamConfiguration& requestedConfiguration);
// protecting mClosed/mDisconnected/mInitFail
mutable Mutex mStateLock;
// device is closed either
// - closed by user
// - init failed
// - camera disconnected
bool mClosed = false;
// Set by CameraDevice (when external camera is disconnected)
bool mDisconnected = false;
struct AETriggerCancelOverride {
bool applyAeLock;
uint8_t aeLock;
bool applyAePrecaptureTrigger;
uint8_t aePrecaptureTrigger;
camera3_device_t* mDevice;
uint32_t mDeviceVersion;
bool mIsAELockAvailable;
bool mDerivePostRawSensKey;
uint32_t mNumPartialResults;
// Stream ID -> Camera3Stream cache
std::map<int, Camera3Stream> mStreamMap;
mutable Mutex mInflightLock; // protecting mInflightBuffers and mCirculatingBuffers
// (streamID, frameNumber) -> inflight buffer cache
std::map<std::pair<int, uint32_t>, camera3_stream_buffer_t> mInflightBuffers;
// (frameNumber, AETriggerOverride) -> inflight request AETriggerOverrides
std::map<uint32_t, AETriggerCancelOverride> mInflightAETriggerOverrides;
::android::hardware::camera::common::V1_0::helper::CameraMetadata mOverridenResult;
std::map<uint32_t, bool> mInflightRawBoostPresent;
::android::hardware::camera::common::V1_0::helper::CameraMetadata mOverridenRequest;
// buffers currently ciculating between HAL and camera service
// key: bufferId sent via HIDL interface
// value: imported buffer_handle_t
// Buffer will be imported during process_capture_request and will be freed
// when the its stream is deleted or camera device session is closed
typedef std::unordered_map<uint64_t, buffer_handle_t> CirculatingBuffers;
// Stream ID -> circulating buffers map
std::map<int, CirculatingBuffers> mCirculatingBuffers;
static HandleImporter sHandleImporter;
bool mInitFail;
bool mFirstRequest = false;
common::V1_0::helper::CameraMetadata mDeviceInfo;
using RequestMetadataQueue = MessageQueue<uint8_t, kSynchronizedReadWrite>;
std::unique_ptr<RequestMetadataQueue> mRequestMetadataQueue;
using ResultMetadataQueue = MessageQueue<uint8_t, kSynchronizedReadWrite>;
std::shared_ptr<ResultMetadataQueue> mResultMetadataQueue;
class ResultBatcher {
ResultBatcher(const sp<ICameraDeviceCallback>& callback);
void setNumPartialResults(uint32_t n);
void setBatchedStreams(const std::vector<int>& streamsToBatch);
void setResultMetadataQueue(std::shared_ptr<ResultMetadataQueue> q);
void registerBatch(const hidl_vec<CaptureRequest>& requests);
void notify(NotifyMsg& msg);
void processCaptureResult(CaptureResult& result);
struct InflightBatch {
// Protect access to entire struct. Acquire this lock before read/write any data or
// calling any methods. processCaptureResult and notify will compete for this lock
// HIDL IPCs might be issued while the lock is held
Mutex mLock;
bool allDelivered() const;
uint32_t mFirstFrame;
uint32_t mLastFrame;
uint32_t mBatchSize;
bool mShutterDelivered = false;
std::vector<NotifyMsg> mShutterMsgs;
struct BufferBatch {
BufferBatch(uint32_t batchSize) {
bool mDelivered = false;
// This currently assumes every batched request will output to the batched stream
// and since HAL must always send buffers in order, no frameNumber tracking is
// needed
std::vector<StreamBuffer> mBuffers;
// Stream ID -> VideoBatch
std::unordered_map<int, BufferBatch> mBatchBufs;
struct MetadataBatch {
// (frameNumber, metadata)
std::vector<std::pair<uint32_t, CameraMetadata>> mMds;
// Partial result IDs that has been delivered to framework
uint32_t mNumPartialResults;
uint32_t mPartialResultProgress = 0;
// partialResult -> MetadataBatch
std::map<uint32_t, MetadataBatch> mResultMds;
// Set to true when batch is removed from mInflightBatches
// processCaptureResult and notify must check this flag after acquiring mLock to make
// sure this batch isn't removed while waiting for mLock
bool mRemoved = false;
static const int NOT_BATCHED = -1;
// Get the batch index and pointer to InflightBatch (nullptrt if the frame is not batched)
// Caller must acquire the InflightBatch::mLock before accessing the InflightBatch
// It's possible that the InflightBatch is removed from mInflightBatches before the
// InflightBatch::mLock is acquired (most likely caused by an error notification), so
// caller must check InflightBatch::mRemoved flag after the lock is acquried.
// This method will hold ResultBatcher::mLock briefly
std::pair<int, std::shared_ptr<InflightBatch>> getBatch(uint32_t frameNumber);
// Check if the first batch in mInflightBatches is ready to be removed, and remove it if so
// This method will hold ResultBatcher::mLock briefly
void checkAndRemoveFirstBatch();
// The following sendXXXX methods must be called while the InflightBatch::mLock is locked
// HIDL IPC methods will be called during these methods.
void sendBatchShutterCbsLocked(std::shared_ptr<InflightBatch> batch);
// send buffers for all batched streams
void sendBatchBuffersLocked(std::shared_ptr<InflightBatch> batch);
// send buffers for specified streams
void sendBatchBuffersLocked(
std::shared_ptr<InflightBatch> batch, const std::vector<int>& streams);
void sendBatchMetadataLocked(
std::shared_ptr<InflightBatch> batch, uint32_t lastPartialResultIdx);
// End of sendXXXX methods
// helper methods
void freeReleaseFences(hidl_vec<CaptureResult>&);
void notifySingleMsg(NotifyMsg& msg);
void processOneCaptureResult(CaptureResult& result);
void invokeProcessCaptureResultCallback(hidl_vec<CaptureResult> &results, bool tryWriteFmq);
// move/push function avoids "hidl_handle& operator=(hidl_handle&)", which clones native
// handle
void moveStreamBuffer(StreamBuffer&& src, StreamBuffer& dst);
void pushStreamBuffer(StreamBuffer&& src, std::vector<StreamBuffer>& dst);
// Protect access to mInflightBatches, mNumPartialResults and mStreamsToBatch
// processCaptureRequest, processCaptureResult, notify will compete for this lock
// Do NOT issue HIDL IPCs while holding this lock (except when HAL reports error)
mutable Mutex mLock;
std::deque<std::shared_ptr<InflightBatch>> mInflightBatches;
uint32_t mNumPartialResults;
std::vector<int> mStreamsToBatch;
const sp<ICameraDeviceCallback> mCallback;
std::shared_ptr<ResultMetadataQueue> mResultMetadataQueue;
// Protect against invokeProcessCaptureResultCallback()
Mutex mProcessCaptureResultLock;
} mResultBatcher;
std::vector<int> mVideoStreamIds;
bool initialize();
Status initStatus() const;
// Validate and import request's input buffer and acquire fence
Status importRequest(
const CaptureRequest& request,
hidl_vec<buffer_handle_t*>& allBufPtrs,
hidl_vec<int>& allFences);
static void cleanupInflightFences(
hidl_vec<int>& allFences, size_t numFences);
void cleanupBuffersLocked(int id);
void updateBufferCaches(const hidl_vec<BufferCache>& cachesToRemove);
android_dataspace mapToLegacyDataspace(
android_dataspace dataSpace) const;
bool handleAePrecaptureCancelRequestLocked(
const camera3_capture_request_t &halRequest,
android::hardware::camera::common::V1_0::helper::CameraMetadata *settings /*out*/,
AETriggerCancelOverride *override /*out*/);
void overrideResultForPrecaptureCancelLocked(
const AETriggerCancelOverride &aeTriggerCancelOverride,
::android::hardware::camera::common::V1_0::helper::CameraMetadata *settings /*out*/);
Status processOneCaptureRequest(const CaptureRequest& request);
* Static callback forwarding methods from HAL to instance
static callbacks_process_capture_result_t sProcessCaptureResult;
static callbacks_notify_t sNotify;
struct TrampolineSessionInterface_3_2 : public ICameraDeviceSession {
TrampolineSessionInterface_3_2(sp<CameraDeviceSession> parent) :
mParent(parent) {}
virtual Return<void> constructDefaultRequestSettings(
V3_2::RequestTemplate type,
V3_2::ICameraDeviceSession::constructDefaultRequestSettings_cb _hidl_cb) override {
return mParent->constructDefaultRequestSettings(type, _hidl_cb);
virtual Return<void> configureStreams(
const V3_2::StreamConfiguration& requestedConfiguration,
V3_2::ICameraDeviceSession::configureStreams_cb _hidl_cb) override {
return mParent->configureStreams(requestedConfiguration, _hidl_cb);
virtual Return<void> processCaptureRequest(const hidl_vec<V3_2::CaptureRequest>& requests,
const hidl_vec<V3_2::BufferCache>& cachesToRemove,
V3_2::ICameraDeviceSession::processCaptureRequest_cb _hidl_cb) override {
return mParent->processCaptureRequest(requests, cachesToRemove, _hidl_cb);
virtual Return<void> getCaptureRequestMetadataQueue(
V3_2::ICameraDeviceSession::getCaptureRequestMetadataQueue_cb _hidl_cb) override {
return mParent->getCaptureRequestMetadataQueue(_hidl_cb);
virtual Return<void> getCaptureResultMetadataQueue(
V3_2::ICameraDeviceSession::getCaptureResultMetadataQueue_cb _hidl_cb) override {
return mParent->getCaptureResultMetadataQueue(_hidl_cb);
virtual Return<Status> flush() override {
return mParent->flush();
virtual Return<void> close() override {
return mParent->close();
sp<CameraDeviceSession> mParent;
} // namespace implementation
} // namespace V3_2
} // namespace device
} // namespace camera
} // namespace hardware
} // namespace android