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#include "VideoEncoderBase.h"
class VideoEncoderAVC : public VideoEncoderBase {
~VideoEncoderAVC() {};
virtual Encode_Status start();
virtual Encode_Status getOutput(VideoEncOutputBuffer *outBuffer);
virtual Encode_Status derivedSetParams(VideoParamConfigSet *videoEncParams);
virtual Encode_Status derivedGetParams(VideoParamConfigSet *videoEncParams);
virtual Encode_Status derivedGetConfig(VideoParamConfigSet *videoEncConfig);
virtual Encode_Status derivedSetConfig(VideoParamConfigSet *videoEncConfig);
virtual Encode_Status sendEncodeCommand(void);
// Local Methods
Encode_Status getOneNALUnit(uint8_t *inBuffer, uint32_t bufSize, uint32_t *nalSize, uint32_t *nalType, uint32_t *nalOffset, uint32_t status);
Encode_Status getHeader(uint8_t *inBuffer, uint32_t bufSize, uint32_t *headerSize, uint32_t status);
Encode_Status outputCodecData(VideoEncOutputBuffer *outBuffer);
Encode_Status outputOneNALU(VideoEncOutputBuffer *outBuffer, bool startCode);
Encode_Status outputLengthPrefixed(VideoEncOutputBuffer *outBuffer);
Encode_Status renderMaxSliceSize();
Encode_Status renderAIR();
Encode_Status renderSequenceParams();
Encode_Status renderPictureParams();
Encode_Status renderSliceParams();
int calcLevel(int numMbs);
VideoParamsAVC mVideoParamsAVC;
uint32_t mSliceNum;
#endif /* __VIDEO_ENCODER_AVC_H__ */