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File Name: va_private.h
Abstract: libva private API head file
Environment: Linux/Android
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#ifndef __VA_PRIVATE_H__
#define __VA_PRIVATE_H__
#include <va/va.h>
// Misc parameter for encoder
#define VAEncMiscParameterTypePrivate -2
// encryption parameters for PAVP
#define VAEncryptionParameterBufferType -3
typedef struct _VAEncMiscParameterPrivate
unsigned int target_usage; // Valid values 1-7 for AVC & MPEG2.
unsigned int reserved[7]; // Reserved for future use.
} VAEncMiscParameterPrivate;
typedef struct _VAEncryptionParameterBuffer
//Not used currently
unsigned int encryptionSupport;
//Not used currently
unsigned int hostEncryptMode;
// For IV, Counter input
unsigned int pavpAesCounter[2][4];
// not used currently
unsigned int pavpIndex;
// PAVP mode, CTR, CBC, DEDE etc
unsigned int pavpCounterMode;
unsigned int pavpEncryptionType;
// not used currently
unsigned int pavpInputSize[2];
// not used currently
unsigned int pavpBufferSize[2];
// not used currently
VABufferID pvap_buf;
// set to TRUE if protected media
unsigned int pavpHasBeenEnabled;
// not used currently
unsigned int IntermmediatedBufReq;
// not used currently
unsigned int uiCounterIncrement;
// AppId: PAVP sessin Index from application
unsigned int app_id;
} VAEncryptionParameterBuffer;