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#include <va/va.h>
#include <va/va_tpi.h>
#include "VideoEncoderDef.h"
#include "VideoEncoderInterface.h"
#include "IntelMetadataBuffer.h"
#include <media/stagefright/MediaBuffer.h>
#include <media/stagefright/foundation/ABase.h>
#include "SimpleSoftOMXComponent.h"
#include "mp4enc_api.h"
class PVSoftMPEG4Encoder : IVideoEncoder {
PVSoftMPEG4Encoder(const char *name);
virtual ~PVSoftMPEG4Encoder();
virtual Encode_Status start(void) {return initEncoder();}
virtual void flush(void) { }
virtual Encode_Status stop(void) {return releaseEncoder();}
virtual Encode_Status encode(VideoEncRawBuffer *inBuffer, uint32_t timeout);
virtual Encode_Status getOutput(VideoEncOutputBuffer *outBuffer, uint32_t timeout);
virtual Encode_Status getParameters(VideoParamConfigSet *videoEncParams);
virtual Encode_Status setParameters(VideoParamConfigSet *videoEncParams);
virtual Encode_Status setConfig(VideoParamConfigSet *videoEncConfig) {return ENCODE_SUCCESS;}
virtual Encode_Status getConfig(VideoParamConfigSet *videoEncConfig) {return ENCODE_SUCCESS;}
virtual Encode_Status getMaxOutSize(uint32_t *maxSize) {return ENCODE_SUCCESS;}
void setDefaultParams(void);
VideoParamsCommon mComParams;
MP4EncodingMode mEncodeMode;
int32_t mVideoWidth;
int32_t mVideoHeight;
int32_t mVideoFrameRate;
int32_t mVideoBitRate;
int32_t mVideoColorFormat;
bool mStoreMetaDataInBuffers;
int32_t mIDRFrameRefreshIntervalInSec;
int64_t mNumInputFrames;
bool mStarted;
bool mSawInputEOS;
bool mSignalledError;
int64_t mCurTimestampUs;
int64_t mLastTimestampUs;
tagvideoEncControls *mHandle;
tagvideoEncOptions *mEncParams;
uint8_t *mInputFrameData;
uint8_t *mTrimedInputData;
uint8_t mVolHeader[256];
int32_t mVolHeaderLength;
Encode_Status initEncParams();
Encode_Status initEncoder();
Encode_Status releaseEncoder();