Enhance the omx-component encode stack log print fucntion.

BZ: 162650

Enhance the omx-component encode stack log print fucntion.
To let the log be easily enabled without rebuild the omx-component stack.
Usage: adb shell setprop omxenc.debug 1

Change-Id: I0ae6f56db39f5c4f2b702718a2fc28d0ac7aa7f6
Signed-off-by: gji2 <guoliang.ji@intel.com>
diff --git a/videoencoder/IntelMetadataBuffer.h b/videoencoder/IntelMetadataBuffer.h
index 7518d23..ba0c9ba 100644
--- a/videoencoder/IntelMetadataBuffer.h
+++ b/videoencoder/IntelMetadataBuffer.h
@@ -35,7 +35,6 @@
 using namespace android;
 #define STRING_TO_FOURCC(format) ((uint32_t)(((format)[0])|((format)[1]<<8)|((format)[2]<<16)|((format)[3]<<24)))
 typedef enum {
@@ -156,11 +155,11 @@
     static status_t instantiate();
-        LOGI("IntelBufferSharingService instance is created");
+        ALOGI("IntelBufferSharingService instance is created");
-        LOGI("IntelBufferSharingService instance is destroyed");
+        ALOGI("IntelBufferSharingService instance is destroyed");
     status_t onTransact(uint32_t code, const Parcel& data, Parcel* reply, uint32_t flags);