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#include <media/stagefright/MediaBuffer.h>
#include <media/stagefright/MediaBufferGroup.h>
#include <media/stagefright/MediaSource.h>
#include <utils/Vector.h>
#include "va/va.h"
#include "VideoEncoderHost.h"
#include <IntelBufferSharing.h>
namespace android {
struct IntelVideoEditorH263Encoder : public MediaSource {
IntelVideoEditorH263Encoder(const sp<MediaSource> &source,
const sp<MetaData>& meta);
virtual status_t start(MetaData *params);
virtual status_t stop();
virtual sp<MetaData> getFormat();
virtual status_t read(MediaBuffer **buffer, const ReadOptions *options);
virtual ~IntelVideoEditorH263Encoder();
sp<MediaSource> mSource;
sp<MetaData> mMeta;
int32_t mVideoWidth;
int32_t mVideoHeight;
int32_t mFrameSize;
int32_t mVideoFrameRate;
int32_t mVideoBitRate;
int32_t mVideoColorFormat;
int32_t mUseSyncMode;
status_t mInitCheck;
bool mStarted;
bool mFirstFrame;
int32_t mFrameCount;
static const int OUTPUT_BUFFERS = 6;
static const int INPUT_SHARED_BUFFERS = 8;
IVideoEncoder *mVAEncoder;
VideoParamsCommon mEncParamsCommon;
SharedBufferType mSharedBufs[INPUT_SHARED_BUFFERS];
const ReadOptions *mReadOptions;
MediaBufferGroup *mOutBufGroup; /* group of output buffers*/
MediaBuffer *mLastInputBuffer;
status_t initCheck(const sp<MetaData>& meta);
int32_t calcBitrate(int width, int height);
status_t getSharedBuffers();
status_t setSharedBuffers();
static int SBShutdownFunc(void* arg);
IntelVideoEditorH263Encoder(const IntelVideoEditorH263Encoder &);
IntelVideoEditorH263Encoder &operator=(const IntelVideoEditorH263Encoder &);