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#ifndef VBP_VC1_PARSER_H
#define VBP_VC1_PARSER_H
* setup parser's entry pointer
uint32 vbp_init_parser_entries_vc1(vbp_context *pcontext);
* allocate query data structure - vbp_vc1_data
uint32 vbp_allocate_query_data_vc1(vbp_context *pcontext);
* free query data structure
uint32 vbp_free_query_data_vc1(vbp_context *pcontext);
* parse bitstream configuration data
uint32 vbp_parse_init_data_vc1(vbp_context *pcontext);
* parse bitstream start code and fill the viddec_input_buffer_t list.
* WMV has no start code so the whole buffer will be treated as a single frame.
* For VC1 progressive, if start code is not found, the whole buffer will be treated as a
* single frame as well.
* For VC1 interlace, the first field is not start code prefixed, but the second field
* is always start code prefixed.
uint32 vbp_parse_start_code_vc1(vbp_context *pcontext);
* processe parsing result
uint32 vbp_process_parsing_result_vc1(vbp_context *pcontext, int list_index);
* populate query data structure
uint32 vbp_populate_query_data_vc1(vbp_context *pcontext);
#endif /*VBP_VC1_PARSER_H*/