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#ifndef VIDDEC_PM_H
#define VIDDEC_PM_H
#include <stdint.h>
#include "viddec_emitter.h"
#include "viddec_pm_utils_list.h"
#include "viddec_pm_utils_bstream.h"
#include "viddec_pm_parse.h"
#include "viddec_parser_ops.h"
#define SC_DETECT_BUF_SIZE 1024
#define MAX_CODEC_CXT_SIZE 4096
typedef enum
/* Messages to indicate more ES data */
PM_NO_DATA = 0x100,
/* Messages to indicate SC found */
PM_SC_FOUND = 0x200,
/* Messages to indicate Frame done */
PM_WKLD_DONE = 0x300,
/* Messages to indicate Error conditions */
PM_OVERFLOW = 0x400,
/* Messages to indicate inband conditions */
PM_EOS = 0x501,
} pm_parse_state_t;
/* This is a temporary structure for first pass sc parsing. index tells us where we are in list of es buffers
cur_es points to current es buffer we are parsing. */
typedef struct
int32_t list_index; /* current index of list */
uint32_t cur_offset;
uint32_t cur_size;
viddec_input_buffer_t *cur_es;
} viddec_pm_sc_cur_buf_t;
typedef struct
uint32_t pending_tags[MAX_IBUFS_PER_SC];
uint8_t dummy;
uint8_t frame_done;
uint8_t first_buf_aligned;
uint8_t using_next;
} vidded_pm_pending_tags_t;
/* This structure holds all necessary data required by parser manager for stream parsing.
typedef struct
/* Actual buffer where data gets DMA'd. 8 padding bytes for alignment */
uint8_t scbuf[SC_DETECT_BUF_SIZE + 8];
viddec_sc_parse_cubby_cxt_t parse_cubby;
viddec_pm_utils_list_t list;
/* Place to store tags to be added to next to next workload */
viddec_pm_sc_cur_buf_t cur_buf;
viddec_emitter emitter;
viddec_pm_utils_bstream_cxt_t getbits;
viddec_sc_prefix_state_t sc_prefix_info;
vidded_pm_pending_tags_t pending_tags;
uint8_t word_align_dummy;
uint8_t late_frame_detect;
uint8_t frame_start_found;
uint8_t found_fm_st_in_current_au;
uint32_t next_workload_error_eos;
uint32_t pending_inband_tags;
#ifdef VBP
uint32_t codec_data[MAX_CODEC_CXT_SIZE<<3];
uint32_t codec_data[MAX_CODEC_CXT_SIZE>>2];
} viddec_pm_cxt_t;
* Functions used by Parser kernel
/* This is for initialising parser manager context to default values */
void viddec_pm_init_context(viddec_pm_cxt_t *cxt, uint32_t codec_type, uint32_t *persist_mem, uint32_t clean);
/* This is the main parse function which returns state information that parser kernel can understand.*/
uint32_t viddec_pm_parse_es_buffer(viddec_pm_cxt_t *cxt, uint32_t codec_type, viddec_input_buffer_t *es_buf);
void viddec_pm_init_ops();
void viddec_pm_update_time(viddec_pm_cxt_t *cxt, uint32_t time);
uint32_t viddec_pm_get_parser_sizes(uint32_t codec_type, viddec_parser_memory_sizes_t *size);