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#ifndef FW_PVT_H
#define FW_PVT_H
#include <stdint.h>
#include "viddec_fw_parser_fw_ipc.h"
#include "viddec_fw_parser_ipclib_config.h"
#include "viddec_emitter.h"
#include "viddec_pm.h"
#include "viddec_fw_debug.h"
#define GET_IPC_HANDLE(x) (FW_IPC_Handle *)&(x.fwIpc)
#define GV_DDR_MEM_MASK 0x80000000
/* Macros for Interrupts */
#define TRAPS_ENABLE __asm__ volatile ("mov %%psr, %%l0; or %%l0, 0x20, %%l0; mov %%l0, %%psr; nop; nop; nop;":::"l0")
#define TRAPS_DISABLE __asm__ volatile ("mov %%psr, %%l0; and %%l0, ~0x20, %%l0; mov %%l0, %%psr; nop; nop; nop;":::"l0")
#define TRAPS_INT_ENABLE __asm__ volatile ("mov %%psr, %%l0; and %%l0, ~0xF00, %%l0; mov %%l0, %%psr; nop; nop; nop;":::"l0")
#define TRAPS_INT_DISABLE __asm__ volatile ("mov %%psr, %%l0; or %%l0, 0xF00, %%l0; mov %%l0, %%psr; nop; nop; nop;":::"l0")
#define TRAPS_ENABLED(enabled) __asm__ volatile ("mov %%psr, %0; and %0, 0x20, %0": "=r" (enabled):)
#define TRAPS_INT_DISABLED(enabled) __asm__ volatile ("mov %%psr, %0; and %0, 0xF00, %0": "=r" (enabled):)
/* Synchronous message buffer, which is shared by both Host and Fw for handling synchronous messages */
typedef struct
} mfd_sync_msg_t;
/* Required Information needed by Parser Kernel for each stream */
typedef struct
uint32_t ddr_cxt; /* phys addr of swap space where Parser kernel stores pvt information */
uint32_t cxt_size; /* size of context buffer */
uint32_t strm_type; /* Current stream information*/
uint32_t wl_time; /* ticks for processing current workload */
uint32_t es_time; /* ticks for processing current workload */
uint32_t low_watermark; /* On crossing this value we generate low watermark interrupt */
uint8_t state; /* Current state of stream ... start(1), stop(0).. */
uint8_t priority; /* Priority of current stream Real time or Non real time */
uint8_t buffered_data;/* Do we have data from past buffer */
uint8_t pending_interrupt;/* Whether an Interrupt needs to be generated for this stream */
} mfd_stream_info;
/* Global data for Parser kernel */
typedef struct
int32_t low_id; /* last scheduled low priority stream id */
int32_t high_id;/* last scheduled high priority stream id */
uint32_t g_parser_tables; /* should point to global_parser_table in DDR */
} mfd_pk_data_t;
typedef struct
ipc_msg_data input;
ipc_msg_data wkld1;
ipc_msg_data wkld2;
viddec_pm_cxt_t pm;
} mfd_pk_strm_cxt;
/* This structure defines the layout of local memory */
typedef struct
mfd_sync_msg_t buf;
_IPC_int_state_t int_status[FW_SUPPORTED_STREAMS];
FW_IPC_Handle fwIpc;
mfd_stream_info stream_info[FW_SUPPORTED_STREAMS];
mfd_pk_data_t g_pk_data;
mfd_pk_strm_cxt srm_cxt;
} dmem_t;
/* Pvt Functions which will be used by multiple modules */
static inline void reg_write(uint32_t offset, uint32_t value)
*((volatile uint32_t*) (GV_SI_MMR_BASE_ADDRESS + offset)) = value;
static inline uint32_t reg_read(uint32_t offset)
uint32_t value=0;
value = *((volatile uint32_t*) (GV_SI_MMR_BASE_ADDRESS + offset));
return value;
static inline void DEBUG(uint32_t print, uint32_t code, uint32_t val)
if (print > 0)
dump_ptr = (dump_ptr + 7) & ~0x7;
void *memcpy(void *dest, const void *src, uint32_t n);
void *memset(void *s, int32_t c, uint32_t n);
uint32_t cp_using_dma(uint32_t ddr_addr, uint32_t local_addr, uint32_t size, char to_ddr, char swap);
uint32_t set_wdog(uint32_t offset);
void get_wdog(uint32_t *value);
void enable_intr(void);
uint32_t get_total_ticks(uint32_t start, uint32_t end);
void viddec_fw_init_swap_memory(unsigned int stream_id, unsigned int swap, unsigned int clean);