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#include "viddec_fw_workload.h"
typedef enum
VIDDEC_PARSE_EOS = 0x0FFF, /* Dummy start code to force EOS */
VIDDEC_PARSE_DISCONTINUITY, /* Dummy start code to force completion and flush */
} viddec_parser_inband_messages_t;
typedef struct
uint32_t context_size;
uint32_t persist_size;
} viddec_parser_memory_sizes_t;
typedef void (*fn_init)(void *ctxt, uint32_t *persist, uint32_t preserve);
typedef uint32_t (*fn_parse_sc) (void *ctxt, void *pcxt, void *sc_state);
typedef uint32_t (*fn_parse_syntax) (void *parent, void *ctxt);
typedef void (*fn_get_cxt_size) (viddec_parser_memory_sizes_t *size);
typedef uint32_t (*fn_is_wkld_done)(void *parent, void *ctxt, uint32_t next_sc, uint32_t *codec_specific_errors);
typedef uint32_t (*fn_is_frame_start)(void *ctxt);
typedef uint32_t (*fn_gen_contrib_tags)(void *parent, uint32_t ignore_partial);
typedef uint32_t (*fn_gen_assoc_tags)(void *parent);
typedef void (*fn_flush_parser) (void *parent, void *ctxt);
typedef uint32_t (*fn_update_data)(void *parent, void *data, uint32_t size);
typedef struct
fn_init init;
fn_parse_sc parse_sc;
fn_parse_syntax parse_syntax;
fn_get_cxt_size get_cxt_size;
fn_is_wkld_done is_wkld_done;
fn_is_frame_start is_frame_start;
fn_gen_contrib_tags gen_contrib_tags;
fn_gen_assoc_tags gen_assoc_tags;
fn_flush_parser flush;
fn_update_data update_data;
} viddec_parser_ops_t;
typedef enum
} viddec_parser_error_t;
*Functions used by Parsers
/* This function returns the requested number of bits(<=32) and increments au byte position.
int32_t viddec_pm_get_bits(void *parent, uint32_t *data, uint32_t num_bits);
/* This function returns requested number of bits(<=32) with out incrementing au byte position
int32_t viddec_pm_peek_bits(void *parent, uint32_t *data, uint32_t num_bits);
/* This function skips requested number of bits(<=32) by incrementing au byte position.
int32_t viddec_pm_skip_bits(void *parent, uint32_t num_bits);
/* This function appends a work item to current/next workload.
int32_t viddec_pm_append_workitem(void *parent, viddec_workload_item_t *item, uint32_t next);
/* This function gets current byte and bit positions and information on whether an emulation byte is present after
current byte.
int32_t viddec_pm_get_au_pos(void *parent, uint32_t *bit, uint32_t *byte, unsigned char *is_emul);
/* This function appends Pixel tag to current work load starting from current position to end of au unit.
int32_t viddec_pm_append_pixeldata(void *parent);
/* This function appends Pixel tag to next work load starting from current position to end of au unit.
int32_t viddec_pm_append_pixeldata_next(void *parent);
/* This function provides the workload header for pasers to fill in attribute values
viddec_workload_t* viddec_pm_get_header(void *parent);
/* This function provides the next workload header for pasers to fill in attribute values
viddec_workload_t* viddec_pm_get_next_header(void *parent);
/* Returns the current byte value where offset is on */
uint32_t viddec_pm_get_cur_byte(void *parent, uint8_t *byte);
/* Tells us if there is more data that need to parse */
int32_t viddec_pm_is_nomoredata(void *parent);
/* This function appends misc tag to work load starting from start position to end position of au unit */
int32_t viddec_pm_append_misc_tags(void *parent, uint32_t start, uint32_t end, viddec_workload_item_t *wi, uint32_t using_next);
void viddec_pm_set_next_frame_error_on_eos(void *parent, uint32_t error);
void viddec_pm_set_late_frame_detect(void *parent);
static inline void viddec_fw_reset_workload_item(viddec_workload_item_t *wi)
wi->vwi_payload[0] = wi->vwi_payload[1] = wi->vwi_payload[2] = 0;
void viddec_pm_setup_userdata(viddec_workload_item_t *wi);