To fix one xvid clip "can't play" problem

BZ: 80655

The clip itself has some problems. There is no N-VOP
following a {P|B} packed frame. When libmix encounters
such a situation, it will flush all the surfaces. This
will cause the new frame can't obtain free surfaces.

In this patch, it will try to decode the new I or P frame
instead of flushing the surfaces.

Change-Id: If809b8b85503c84b6f84b1fb7f4293d15e023c12
Signed-off-by: wfeng6 <>
Reviewed-by: Wang, Yi A <>
Reviewed-by: Chen, Tianmi <>
Reviewed-by: Shi, PingX <>
Tested-by: Shi, PingX <>
Reviewed-by: cactus <>
Tested-by: cactus <>
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