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#include "VideoDecoderBase.h"
#include "VideoDecoderAVC.h"
#include "VideoDecoderDefs.h"
class VideoDecoderAVCSecure : public VideoDecoderAVC {
VideoDecoderAVCSecure(const char *mimeType);
virtual Decode_Status start(VideoConfigBuffer *buffer);
virtual void stop(void);
// data in the decoded buffer is all encrypted.
virtual Decode_Status decode(VideoDecodeBuffer *buffer);
virtual Decode_Status decodeFrame(VideoDecodeBuffer *buffer, vbp_data_h264 *data);
virtual Decode_Status continueDecodingFrame(vbp_data_h264 *data);
virtual Decode_Status beginDecodingFrame(vbp_data_h264 *data);
virtual Decode_Status getCodecSpecificConfigs(VAProfile profile, VAConfigID*config);
Decode_Status parseClassicSliceHeader(VideoDecodeBuffer *buffer, vbp_data_h264 *data);
Decode_Status parseModularSliceHeader(VideoDecodeBuffer *buffer, vbp_data_h264 *data);
Decode_Status updateSliceParameter(vbp_data_h264 *data, void *sliceheaderbuf);
virtual Decode_Status decodeSlice(vbp_data_h264 *data, uint32_t picIndex, uint32_t sliceIndex);
Decode_Status processClassicInputBuffer(VideoDecodeBuffer *buffer, vbp_data_h264 **data);
Decode_Status processModularInputBuffer(VideoDecodeBuffer *buffer, vbp_data_h264 **data);
int32_t mIsEncryptData;
int32_t mFrameSize;
uint8_t* mFrameData;
uint8_t* mClearData;
uint8_t* mCachedHeader;
int32_t mFrameIdx;
int32_t mModularMode;
enum {
int32_t mSliceNum;
// Information of Slices in the Modular DRM Mode
struct SliceInfo {
uint8_t sliceHeaderByte; // first byte of the slice header
uint32_t sliceStartOffset; // offset of Slice unit in the firewalled buffer
uint32_t sliceByteOffset; // extra offset from the blockAligned slice offset
uint32_t sliceSize; // block aligned length of slice unit
uint32_t sliceLength; // actual size of the slice
SliceInfo mSliceInfo[MAX_SLICE_HEADER_NUM];