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#include "VideoDecoderVP8.h"
#include "VideoDecoderTrace.h"
#include <string.h>
VideoDecoderVP8::VideoDecoderVP8(const char *mimeType)
: VideoDecoderBase(mimeType, (_vbp_parser_type)VBP_INVALID) {
VideoDecoderVP8::~VideoDecoderVP8() {
Decode_Status VideoDecoderVP8::start(VideoConfigBuffer *buffer) {
Decode_Status status;
status = VideoDecoderBase::start(buffer);
// config VP8 software decoder if necessary
// TODO: update mVideoFormatInfo here
status = VideoDecoderBase::setupVA(
return status;
void VideoDecoderVP8::stop(void) {
void VideoDecoderVP8::flush(void) {
Decode_Status VideoDecoderVP8::decode(VideoDecodeBuffer *buffer) {
Decode_Status status;
status = acquireSurfaceBuffer();
// TODO: decode sample to mAcquiredBuffer->mappedAddr.
// make sure decoded output is in NV12 format.
// << add decoding codes here>>
// set referenceFrame to true if frame decoded is I/P frame, false otherwise.
mAcquiredBuffer->referenceFrame = true;
// assume it is frame picture.
mAcquiredBuffer->renderBuffer.scanFormat = VA_FRAME_PICTURE;
mAcquiredBuffer->renderBuffer.timeStamp = buffer->timeStamp;
mAcquiredBuffer->renderBuffer.flag = 0;
// if sample is successfully decoded, call outputSurfaceBuffer(); otherwise
// call releaseSurfacebuffer();
status = outputSurfaceBuffer();
return status;