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2010-01-31 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Reverted to use num_chan as output number of channel for AAC.
2010-01-29 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Fixed Audio Manager setting.
* Updated version to 0.4.1 since API changes since 0.3.5.
2010-01-25 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Updated MixCommon dependency to 0.1.8.
* Updated version to 0.3.6.
2010-01-24 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Sync MixIOVec between capture and decode.
2010-01-22 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Updated MixIOVec definition.
* Updated API sync with 0.79 doc.
2010-01-20 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Updated API doc 0.79 sync up.
2010-01-18 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Updated version to 0.3.5 and submit for build.
* Updated call to Audio Manager to use stream name.
* Removed the check to allow decode to be called during PAUSE.
2010-01-11 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Updated version to 0.3.4
* Updated MixCommon dependency to v 0.1.6.
* Updated the parameter conversion code for AAC to detect codec value from parameters.
* Fixed and added more enum types for AAC parameters definitions.
* Added methods to replace AAC parameters direct accessing.
* Added psPresentFlag for AAC param object.
* Updated gtk-doc documentation.
* Added get_stream_byte_decoded API.
2010-01-04 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Fixed code review issues: declare const for char*
* Fixed code review issues: array size calculation.
2009-12-23 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Added aac core operating frequency param for AAC Param object. Needed to configure HE-AAC decoder.
* Fixed the log message category for DRAIN debug log.
2009-11-19 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Added more utility function to populate param object.
* Added MixAudio API to read output configuration (get params)
2009-11-18 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Added return code that inform caller to interpret errno for error.
* Fixed more error checkings.
2009-11-17 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Added default invalid value for various enumerations.
* Fixed some bugs in type declarations.
* Cleaned up code. Added pointer checks, state checks.
2009-11-15 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Updated version to 0.3.3 and package for build.
* Fixed DRAIN state test condition.
2009-11-13 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Updated MixCommon version dependency as MixAudio is using new definitions from MixCommon.
* Fixed issues reported by klocwork.
2009-11-11 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Fixed a mem leak in the stub code.
2009-11-01 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Increased version number to 0.3.2 and package for build.
2009-10-28 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Renamed MPEG_FORMAT member of AAC params to MPEG_ID.
2009-10-23 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Updated version to 0.3.1 for build.
* Added code to assign op_align to sst structure in deterministic case.
* Added stub code to write input bytes to file during dnr request.
* Fixed MixAudio::decode() method to use correct 64-bit type for decode consumed/produced.
2009-10-18 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Added dbus-glib dependency.
* Updated AAC param object to include additonal fields for HE-AAC support.
2009-10-16 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Moved mixdrmparams.* to MixCommon package.
* Changed mix_audio_decode API to include output parameters for bytes consumed and produceds
* Updated version to 0.3.0 to reflect API change in mix_audio_decode.
2009-10-08 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Package for 0.2.6 build.
2009-10-02 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Updated version number to 0.2.6
* Defined new range for error code that encapsulate errno when system calls to SST API shall fail.
* Added internal states to track PAUSED_DRAINING, and added code to deal with this state.
2009-08-17 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Updated SST API struct to align with build 0.04.008.
* Added bit-mask based runtime log mechanism.
2009-08-14 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Fixed return value check after DROP call.
* Added method to dump status upon SST call failure.
2009-08-13 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Updated API definitions to sync with v0.5 documentation.
2009-08-10 Echo Choi <echo@firefly>
* Fixed stop_drop so it is called even if the state is STOPPED