libmix: A fix to enable range mapped feature for VC1

BZ: 129080

In VC1 advanced profile, if one syntax element Range Mapping
Luma Flag is present in Entry Point Header and equals 1, scaling
should be performed after all other decoding stage (including loop-filter)
have been performed. If out-of-loop post-processing is done on the render target,
then we need to keep the in-loop decoded picture as a reference picture.
However, video decoder failed to keep in-loop decoded picture.

Change-Id: I0f163982fc9e8c30071c651670c6154bbf76596e
Signed-off-by: Tianmi Chen <>
Reviewed-by: Shi, PingX <>
Tested-by: Shi, PingX <>
Reviewed-by: cactus <>
Tested-by: cactus <>
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