RESTRICT AUTOMERGE CCodec: support multiple output per one input buffer

This is a squashed commit of the following changes:

  I744a27d4ed0e62af4f3655f249a3fc38ce01f299 Consider generation of buffers in pipeline management
  I54437645af17b9aee914b2783546e0f50d9dea9c CCodec: add reordering logic
  I51875c965cadb71c7f0645dca4e3af047ae17a33 RELAND Multiple output buffers per input support
  I32b05bb105fe4be7855eb17801e052192f9a55c1 aac: add multiple output buffer support for aacenc
  Ic2e062f21e10c39d1aaf3da6bab7bbb63ad5c752 CCodec: support output buffer reallocations
  I96387d45f5053f72c0c80e4d208be685a686d41a CCodec: workaround for apps calling releaseOutputBuffer() wrongly.
  I6e5a1ea66f89d76188d26c743cbb37ac2b39f522 CCodec: fix queue deadline threshold
  Ifb151ad4ba77b013d9e6689177b7b501ecdd54c5 codec2: make allocation blocking for software codecs

Fixes: 111877607
Fixes: 117917913
Test: cts-tradefed run cts-dev -m CtsMediaTestCases
Test: cts-tradefed run cts-dev -m CtsSecurityTestCases -t
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