Windows: Fix msvc header dependency

This updates the msvc-posix.h include to use the one that actually lives
in this package.

This makes sure you do not need an external dependency when including
these headers on windows.

Change-Id: Ia80b5fe2ebdc91c9701616fab88b4e87a950e32d
6 files changed
tree: 4619ed3cc2e8df2054a88bd90bd3742c92de9df2
  1. base/
  2. build-config/
  3. CMake/
  4. host-common/
  5. snapshot/
  6. third-party/
  7. .clang-format
  8. .gitignore
  9. Android.bp
  10. BUILD.bazel
  11. CMakeLists.txt

AEMU library

This is an utility library for common functions used in the Android Emulator. External projects (gfxstream, QEMU) may use to perform C++ functions.