Fix warnings in SELinux policy compilation.

SELinux build was showing:
m4: hardware/bsp/qcom/soc/msm8916/prebuilts/sepolicy/qseecomd.te:
54: deprecated: unix_socket_connect(tee, property, init)
Please use set_prop(tee, <property name>) instead.
m4: hardware/bsp/qcom/soc/msm8916/prebuilts/sepolicy/rmt.te:
28: deprecated: unix_socket_connect(rmt, property, init)
Please use set_prop(rmt, <property name>) instead.

Fix that by, unsurprisingly, using set_prop.

Also, add periods to sentences like the FSM intended.

Bug: 27900222
Change-Id: I73e277ec4c2039e043b4a754a379b463c35e5e25
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