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# linux/arch/etrax100/boot/compressed/Makefile
# create a compressed vmlinux image from the original vmlinux files and romfs
CC = gcc-cris -melf -I $(TOPDIR)/include
LD = ld-cris
OBJCOPY = objcopy-cris
OBJCOPYFLAGS = -O binary --remove-section=.bss
OBJECTS = head.o misc.o
# files to compress
SYSTEM = $(TOPDIR)/vmlinux.bin
all: vmlinuz
decompress.bin: $(OBJECTS)
$(LD) -T decompress.ld -o decompress.o $(OBJECTS)
$(OBJCOPY) $(OBJCOPYFLAGS) decompress.o decompress.bin
# save it for mkprod in the topdir.
cp decompress.bin $(TOPDIR)
vmlinuz: piggy.img decompress.bin
cat decompress.bin piggy.img > vmlinuz
rm -f piggy.img
head.o: head.S
$(CC) -D__ASSEMBLY__ -traditional -c head.S -o head.o
# gzip the kernel image
piggy.img: $(SYSTEM)
cat $(SYSTEM) | gzip -f -9 > piggy.img
rm -f piggy.img vmlinuz vmlinuz.o