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Notes for the QLogic ISP1020 PCI SCSI Driver:
This driver works well in practice, but does not support disconnect/
reconnect, which makes using it with tape drives impractical.
It should work for most host adaptors with the ISP1020 chip. The
QLogic Corporation produces several PCI SCSI adapters which should
* IQ-PCI-10
This driver may work with boards containing the ISP1020A or ISP1040A
chips, but that has not been tested.
This driver will NOT work with:
* ISA or VL Bus Qlogic cards (they use the 'qlogicfas' driver)
* PCI-basic (it uses the 'am53c974' driver)
Much thanks to QLogic's tech support for providing the latest ISP1020
firmware, and for taking the time to review my code.
Erik Moe
Michael A. Griffith