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* Copyright (C) ARM Limited 2010-2014. All rights reserved.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
#include <stdint.h>
#include "AnnotateListener.h"
#include "Config.h"
#include "Counter.h"
#include "FtraceDriver.h"
#include "KMod.h"
#include "MaliVideoDriver.h"
#include "PerfDriver.h"
// Differentiates development versions (timestamp) from release versions
#define PROTOCOL_DEV 1000
#define NS_PER_S 1000000000LL
#define NS_PER_MS 1000000LL
#define NS_PER_US 1000LL
struct ImageLinkList {
char* path;
struct ImageLinkList *next;
class SessionData {
static const size_t MAX_STRING_LEN = 80;
void initialize();
void parseSessionXML(char* xmlString);
void readModel();
void readCpuInfo();
PolledDriver *usDrivers[6];
KMod kmod;
PerfDriver perf;
MaliVideoDriver maliVideo;
FtraceDriver ftraceDriver;
AnnotateListener annotateListener;
char mCoreName[MAX_STRING_LEN];
struct ImageLinkList *mImages;
char *mConfigurationXMLPath;
char *mSessionXMLPath;
char *mEventsXMLPath;
char *mTargetPath;
char *mAPCDir;
char *mCaptureWorkingDir;
char *mCaptureCommand;
char *mCaptureUser;
bool mWaitingOnCommand;
bool mSessionIsActive;
bool mLocalCapture;
// halt processing of the driver data until profiling is complete or the buffer is filled
bool mOneShot;
bool mIsEBS;
bool mSentSummary;
bool mAllowCommands;
int64_t mMonotonicStarted;
int mBacktraceDepth;
// number of MB to use for the entire collection buffer
int mTotalBufferSize;
int mSampleRate;
int64_t mLiveRate;
int mDuration;
int mCores;
int mPageSize;
int *mCpuIds;
int mMaxCpuId;
// PMU Counters
int mCounterOverflow;
// Intentionally unimplemented
SessionData(const SessionData &);
SessionData &operator=(const SessionData &);
extern SessionData* gSessionData;
uint64_t getTime();
int getEventKey();
int pipe_cloexec(int pipefd[2]);
FILE *fopen_cloexec(const char *path, const char *mode);
#endif // SESSION_DATA_H