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#include <variant/core.h>
#include <asm/regs.h>
#include <asm/asmmacro.h>
#include <asm/cacheasm.h>
* RB-Data: RedBoot data/bss
* P: Boot-Parameters
* L: Kernel-Loader
* The Linux-Kernel image including the loader must be loaded
* to a position so that the kernel and the boot parameters
* can fit in the space before the load address.
* ______________________________________________________
* |_RB-Data_|_P_|__________|_L_|___Linux-Kernel___|______|
* ^
* ^ Load address
* ______________________________________________________
* |___Linux-Kernel___|_P_|_L_|___________________________|
* The loader copies the parameter to the position that will
* be the end of the kernel and itself to the end of the
* parameter list.
/* Make sure we have enough space for the 'uncompressor' */
#define STACK_SIZE 32768
#define HEAP_SIZE (131072*4)
# a2: Parameter list
# a3: Size of parameter list
.section .start, "ax"
.globl __start
/* this must be the first byte of the loader! */
entry sp, 32 # we do not intend to return
_call0 _start
.align 4
.section .text, "ax"
.begin literal_prefix .text
/* put literals in here! */
.globl _start
/* 'reset' window registers */
movi a4, 1
wsr a4, ps
rsr a5, windowbase
ssl a5
sll a4, a4
wsr a4, windowstart
movi a4, 0x00040000
wsr a4, ps
/* copy the loader to its address
* Note: The loader itself is a very small piece, so we assume we
* don't partially overlap. We also assume (even more important)
* that the kernel image is out of the way. Usually, when the
* load address of this image is not at an arbitrary address,
* but aligned to some 10K's we shouldn't overlap.
/* Note: The assembler cannot relax "addi a0, a0, ..." to an
l32r, so we load to a4 first. */
# addi a4, a0, __start - __start_a0
# mov a0, a4
movi a4, __start
movi a5, __start_a0
add a4, a0, a4
sub a0, a4, a5
movi a4, __start
movi a5, __reloc_end
# a0: address where this code has been loaded
# a4: compiled address of __start
# a5: compiled end address
mov.n a7, a0
mov.n a8, a4
l32i a10, a7, 0
l32i a11, a7, 4
s32i a10, a8, 0
s32i a11, a8, 4
l32i a10, a7, 8
l32i a11, a7, 12
s32i a10, a8, 8
s32i a11, a8, 12
addi a8, a8, 16
addi a7, a7, 16
blt a8, a5, 1b
/* We have to flush and invalidate the caches here before we jump. */
___flush_dcache_all a5 a6
___invalidate_icache_all a5 a6
movi a11, _reloc
jx a11
.globl _reloc
/* RedBoot is now at the end of the memory, so we don't have
* to copy the parameter list. Keep the code around; in case
* we need it again. */
#if 0
# a0: load address
# a2: start address of parameter list
# a3: length of parameter list
# a4: __start
/* copy the parameter list out of the way */
movi a6, _param_start
add a3, a2, a3
l32i a8, a2, 0
s32i a8, a6, 0
addi a2, a2, 4
addi a6, a6, 4
blt a2, a3, 2b
/* clear BSS section */
movi a6, __bss_start
movi a7, __bss_end
movi.n a5, 0
s32i a5, a6, 0
addi a6, a6, 4
blt a6, a7, 3b
movi a5, -16
movi a1, _stack + STACK_SIZE
and a1, a1, a5
/* Uncompress the kernel */
# a0: load address
# a2: boot parameter
# a4: __start
movi a3, __image_load
sub a4, a3, a4
add a8, a0, a4
# a1 Stack
# a8(a4) Load address of the image
movi a6, _image_start
movi a10, _image_end
movi a7, 0x1000000
sub a11, a10, a6
movi a9, complen
s32i a11, a9, 0
movi a0, 0
# a6 destination
# a7 maximum size of destination
# a8 source
# a9 ptr to length
.extern gunzip
movi a4, gunzip
beqz a4, 1f
callx4 a4
j 2f
# a6 destination start
# a7 maximum size of destination
# a8 source start
# a9 ptr to length
# a10 destination end
l32i a9, a8, 0
l32i a11, a8, 4
s32i a9, a6, 0
s32i a11, a6, 4
l32i a9, a8, 8
l32i a11, a8, 12
s32i a9, a6, 8
s32i a11, a6, 12
addi a6, a6, 16
addi a8, a8, 16
blt a6, a10, 1b
/* jump to the kernel */
___flush_dcache_all a5 a6
___invalidate_icache_all a5 a6
# a2 Boot parameter list
movi a0, _image_start
jx a0
.align 16
.globl avail_ram
.long _heap
.globl end_avail
.long _heap + HEAP_SIZE
.comm _stack, STACK_SIZE
.comm _heap, HEAP_SIZE
.globl end_avail
.comm complen, 4
.end literal_prefix