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# This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
# License. See the file "COPYING" in the main directory of this archive
# for more details.
ifeq ($(BIG_ENDIAN),1)
OBJCOPY_ARGS := -O elf32-xtensa-be
OBJCOPY_ARGS := -O elf32-xtensa-le
LD_ARGS = -T $(srctree)/$(obj)/boot.ld
boot-y := bootstrap.o
OBJS := $(addprefix $(obj)/,$(boot-y))
LIBS := arch/xtensa/boot/lib/lib.a arch/xtensa/lib/lib.a
LIBGCC := $(shell $(CC) $(KBUILD_CFLAGS) -print-libgcc-file-name)
$(obj)/zImage.o: vmlinux.bin.gz $(OBJS)
$(Q)$(OBJCOPY) $(OBJCOPY_ARGS) -R .comment \
--add-section image=vmlinux.bin.gz \
--set-section-flags image=contents,alloc,load,load,data \
$(OBJS) $@
$(obj)/zImage.elf: $(obj)/zImage.o $(LIBS)
$(Q)$(LD) $(LD_ARGS) -o $@ $^ -L/xtensa-elf/lib $(LIBGCC)
$(obj)/../zImage.redboot: $(obj)/zImage.elf
$(Q)$(OBJCOPY) -S -O binary $< $@
$(Q)$(kecho) ' Kernel: $@ is ready'
zImage: $(obj)/../zImage.redboot