Move i2c_setup calls to board_init

i2c_setup calls force_idle_bus which calls
get_timer if SDA and SCL are not high. On the Pico
baseboard there are level shifters that pull SDA
and SCL high, but the test harness does not have
pull-ups on these lines. Because
board_early_init_f is called before timer_init the
call to get_timer was causing a divide-by-zero
error due to CNTFRQ not being initialized. Moving
the i2c_setup calls to board_init fixes this
issue. power_init_board (which uses I2C to
configure the PMIC) is called after board_init, so
this should be safe.

Test: PMIC registers are read correctly on both
      boards (DEV_ID=0x30 REV_ID=0x11)
Test: iMX7D SOM boots on Pico baseboard
Test: iMX7D SOM boots on test harness
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