Revert "Support a prebuilt WebView."

To work around framework resource IDs not being constant, go back to
building webviewchromium.jar from source.

This reverts commit 9c9341f1d2368b4209fe982f3f1c5de384f67fb7.

Bug: 11426593
diff --git a/chromium/ b/chromium/
index 96e2905..168be05 100644
--- a/chromium/
+++ b/chromium/
@@ -19,9 +19,6 @@
 LOCAL_PATH := $(call my-dir)
 CHROMIUM_PATH := external/chromium_org
-# Don't include most modules if the product is using a prebuilt webviewchromium.
 # Java glue layer JAR, calls directly into the chromium AwContents Java API.
 include $(CLEAR_VARS)
@@ -117,11 +114,10 @@
 $(LOCAL_BUILT_MODULE): $(jar_check_ok)
 # Native support library ( - does NOT link
-# any native chromium code. This is built from source even if the product has
-# a prebuilt webviewchromium to ensure ABI compatibility.
+# any native chromium code.
 include $(CLEAR_VARS)
 LOCAL_MODULE:= libwebviewchromium_plat_support