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The androidx.webkit library is a static library you can add to your Android application in order to use android.webkit APIs that are not available for older platform versions.

Basic info

Building the library (for local development)

If you're trying to modify the androidx.webkit library, or apply local changes to the library, you can do so like so:

cd frameworks/support/
# Build the library/compile changes
./gradlew :webkit:assembleDebug
# Run integration tests with the WebView installed on the device
./gradlew :webkit:connectedAndroidTest
# Update API files (only necessary if you changed public APIs)
./gradlew :webkit:updateApi

For more a detailed developer guide, Googlers should read http://go/wvsl-contribute.

API demo code

We also maintain a demo app (demo code, developer guide) to demonstrate how to properly use the latest androidx.webkit APIs in your Android app.