MediaRouter: Use AppCompat's windowNoTitle attribute instead of framework's one

Make chooser dialog inherit AppCompatDialog and use AppCompat's
windowNoTitle attribute instead of framework's one. Because
MediaRouter's theme affects both chooser (Framework dialog) and
controller dialog (AppCompat's AlertDialog), setting
android:windowNoTitle as false may cause the misplaced title bar problem
in the controller dialog.

Bug: 30789373
Test: Applied this fix to CastVideo-android app and observed it's
working well. Tested on K, M, and N devices.
Change-Id: Ied26a6865dd399eadf0938c534eace41f2d96e90
diff --git a/api/current.txt b/api/current.txt
index d9d8f01..77b062b 100644
--- a/api/current.txt
+++ b/api/current.txt
@@ -7887,7 +7887,7 @@
     method public boolean showDialog();
-  public class MediaRouteChooserDialog extends {
+  public class MediaRouteChooserDialog extends {
     ctor public MediaRouteChooserDialog(android.content.Context);
     ctor public MediaRouteChooserDialog(android.content.Context, int);
     method public getRouteSelector();
diff --git a/v7/mediarouter/res/values/themes.xml b/v7/mediarouter/res/values/themes.xml
index 4ea3a9f..a2f3eb5 100644
--- a/v7/mediarouter/res/values/themes.xml
+++ b/v7/mediarouter/res/values/themes.xml
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
     <style name="Theme.MediaRouter" parent="">
-        <item name="android:windowNoTitle">false</item>
+        <item name="windowNoTitle">false</item>
         <item name="mediaRouteButtonStyle">@style/Widget.MediaRouter.MediaRouteButton</item>
         <item name="MediaRouteControllerWindowBackground">@drawable/mr_dialog_material_background_dark</item>
diff --git a/v7/mediarouter/src/android/support/v7/app/ b/v7/mediarouter/src/android/support/v7/app/
index 01cb1fd..d2f6d51 100644
--- a/v7/mediarouter/src/android/support/v7/app/
+++ b/v7/mediarouter/src/android/support/v7/app/
@@ -19,7 +19,6 @@
 import static;
 import static;
 import android.content.Context;
 import android.content.res.TypedArray;
@@ -60,7 +59,7 @@
  * @see MediaRouteButton
  * @see MediaRouteActionProvider
-public class MediaRouteChooserDialog extends Dialog {
+public class MediaRouteChooserDialog extends AppCompatDialog {
     static final String TAG = "MediaRouteChooserDialog";
     // Do not update the route list immediately to avoid unnatural dialog change.