Helper script to download prebuilts for offline builds.

It can download maven artifacts or KMP prebuilts.

By default, arguments passed into it the script that do not immediately follow an option (e.g. --optionName value) are evaluated to be maven artficat coordinates.


download single artifact

./ ./ --artifacts

download multiple artifacts

./ com.squareup.okio:okio:3.0.0

download multiple artifacts with explicit argument

./ --artifacts,com.squareup.okio:okio:3.0.0

download konan prebuilts needed for kotlin native

./ import-konan-binaries --konan-compiler-version 1.6.1

download everything in the dependencies file of AndroidX

./ import-toml

download an androidx prebuilt (via

./ --androidx-build-id 123

download metalava

./ --metalava-build-id 8660637 --redownload --artifacts

verbose logging

./ --verbose

More Help:

For full list of options, please execute one of the commands with --help

./ --help
./ import-konan-prebuilts --help
./ import-toml --help

Next steps:

Gradle may not trust artifacts that are not signed with a trusted key. To ask Gradle to trust these artifacts, run development/