GuidedStep: sync selectorView translationY to focused view

Current implementation assumes the focused view stays at fixed Y location.
This is no longer true for expanded actions.

This CL added support to sync selectorView Y position to focused
view Y position. And due to the conflicts of both IME and scroll changes
selector Y position, added common parent for change Y position for IME.

Simplified selectorView animation implementation.

Fixed bug that FadeAndShortSlide resets transitionY to 0.
Fixed a mismatch of transitionName for guidedactions_root2.
Remove unnecessary transition excludes since the views are already part
of shared element transition.

Tested by changing alignment rule of VerticalGridView.

Change-Id: Id9f676e607aa6e3e9fed14e5b2687e4ad0951f45
10 files changed