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Project/Module Creator

This script will create a new project/module using a groupId and artifactId.

It will use the groupId and artifactId to best guess which configuration is most appropriate for the project/module you are creating.

Using the script

./ foo-bar

Todos after project creation

  1. [OWNERS] Check that the OWNERS file is in the correct place
  2. [OWNERS] Add your name (and others) to the OWNERS file
  3. [build.grade] Check that the correct library version is assigned
  4. [build.grade] Fill out the project/module name
  5. [] Fill out the project/module file

Project/Module Types

The script leverages buildSrc/public/src/main/kotlin/androidx/build/LibraryType.kt to create the recommended defaults for your project. However, you can override the options to best fit your requirements.

Testing the script

Generic project integration test

./ bar-qux

Script test suite


Debugging `No module named ‘toml’ errors

If you see an error message No module named 'toml' try the following steps.

  • Install necessary tools if they are not already installed
    • (Linux) sudo apt-get install virtualenv python3-venv
    • (Mac) pip3 install virtualenv
  • Create a virtual environment with virtualenv androidx_project_creator (you can choose another name for your virtualenv if you wish).
  • Install the toml library in your virtual env with androidx_project_creator/bin/pip3 install toml
  • Run the project creator script from your virtual env with androidx_project_creator/bin/python3 ./development/project-creator/ foo-bar
  • Delete your virtual env with rm -rf ./androidx-project_creator
    • virtualenv will automatically .gitignore itself, but you may want to to remove it anyway.