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* Copyright (C) 2009 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "rsComponent.h"
#include "rsUtils.h"
#include "rsDefines.h"
#include "rsObjectBase.h"
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
namespace android {
namespace renderscript {
* Any layout changes for this class may require a corresponding change to be
* made to frameworks/compile/libbcc/lib/ScriptCRT/rs_core.c, which contains
* a partial copy of the information below.
// An element is a group of Components that occupies one cell in a structure.
class Element : public ObjectBase {
struct Hal {
mutable void *drv;
struct State {
RsDataType dataType;
RsDataKind dataKind;
uint32_t vectorSize;
uint32_t elementSizeBytes;
// Subelements
const Element **fields;
uint32_t *fieldArraySizes;
const char **fieldNames;
uint32_t *fieldNameLengths;
uint32_t *fieldOffsetBytes;
uint32_t fieldsCount;
State state;
Hal mHal;
void operator delete(void* ptr);
uint32_t getGLType() const;
uint32_t getGLFormat() const;
size_t getSizeBitsUnpadded() const;
size_t getSizeBytesUnpadded() const {
return (getSizeBitsUnpadded() + 7) >> 3;
size_t getSizeBits() const;
size_t getSizeBytes() const {
return (getSizeBits() + 7) >> 3;
size_t getFieldOffsetBits(uint32_t componentNumber) const {
return mFields[componentNumber].offsetBits;
size_t getFieldOffsetBytes(uint32_t componentNumber) const {
return mFields[componentNumber].offsetBits >> 3;
size_t getFieldOffsetBytesUnpadded(uint32_t componentNumber) const {
return mFields[componentNumber].offsetBitsUnpadded >> 3;
uint32_t getFieldCount() const {return mFieldCount;}
const Element * getField(uint32_t idx) const {return mFields[idx].e.get();}
const char * getFieldName(uint32_t idx) const {return mFields[idx].name;}
uint32_t getFieldArraySize(uint32_t idx) const {return mFields[idx].arraySize;}
const Component & getComponent() const {return mComponent;}
RsDataType getType() const {return mComponent.getType();}
RsDataKind getKind() const {return mComponent.getKind();}
uint32_t getBits() const {return mBits;}
uint32_t getBitsUnpadded() const {return mBitsUnpadded;}
uint32_t getVectorSize() const {return mComponent.getVectorSize();}
void dumpLOGV(const char *prefix) const;
virtual void serialize(Context *rsc, OStream *stream) const;
virtual RsA3DClassID getClassId() const { return RS_A3D_CLASS_ID_ELEMENT; }
static Element *createFromStream(Context *rsc, IStream *stream);
static ObjectBaseRef<const Element> createRef(Context *rsc,
RsDataType dt,
RsDataKind dk,
bool isNorm,
uint32_t vecSize);
static ObjectBaseRef<const Element> createRef(Context *rsc, size_t count,
const Element **,
const char **,
const size_t * lengths,
const uint32_t *asin);
static const Element* create(Context *rsc,
RsDataType dt,
RsDataKind dk,
bool isNorm,
uint32_t vecSize) {
ObjectBaseRef<const Element> elem = createRef(rsc, dt, dk, isNorm, vecSize);
return elem.get();
static const Element* create(Context *rsc, size_t count,
const Element **ein,
const char **nin,
const size_t * lengths = NULL,
const uint32_t *asin = NULL) {
ObjectBaseRef<const Element> elem = createRef(rsc, count, ein, nin, lengths, asin);
return elem.get();
void incRefs(const void *) const;
void decRefs(const void *) const;
virtual void callUpdateCacheObject(const Context *rsc, void *dstObj) const;
bool getHasReferences() const {return mHasReference;}
// deallocate any components that are part of this element.
void clear();
typedef struct {
const char *name;
ObjectBaseRef<const Element> e;
uint32_t offsetBits;
uint32_t offsetBitsUnpadded;
uint32_t arraySize;
} ElementField_t;
ElementField_t *mFields;
size_t mFieldCount;
bool mHasReference;
virtual ~Element();
Element(Context *);
Component mComponent;
uint32_t mBitsUnpadded;
uint32_t mBits;
void compute();
virtual void preDestroy() const;
class ElementState {
// Cache of all existing elements.
Vector<Element *> mElements;