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* Copyright (C) 2011 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "rsUtils.h"
#include "rs_hal.h"
#include <string.h>
#include "rsThreadIO.h"
#include "rsScriptC.h"
#include "rsScriptGroup.h"
#include "rsSampler.h"
#if !defined(RS_SERVER) && !defined(RS_COMPATIBILITY_LIB)
#include "utils/Trace.h"
#define ATRACE_ENABLED(...) false
#define ATRACE_NAME(...)
#define ATRACE_CALL(...)
#include "rsFont.h"
#include "rsProgramFragment.h"
#include "rsProgramStore.h"
#include "rsProgramRaster.h"
#include "rsProgramVertex.h"
#include "rsFBOCache.h"
* This global will be found by the debugger and will have its value flipped.
* It's independent of the Context class to allow the debugger to do the above
* without knowing the type makeup. This allows the debugger to be attached at
* an earlier stage.
extern "C" int gDebuggerPresent;
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
namespace android {
namespace renderscript {
class Device;
#if 0
#define CHECK_OBJ(o) { \
GET_TLS(); \
if (!ObjectBase::isValid(rsc, (const ObjectBase *)o)) { \
ALOGE("Bad object %p at %s, %i", o, __FILE__, __LINE__); \
} \
#define CHECK_OBJ_OR_NULL(o) { \
GET_TLS(); \
if (o && !ObjectBase::isValid(rsc, (const ObjectBase *)o)) { \
ALOGE("Bad object %p at %s, %i", o, __FILE__, __LINE__); \
} \
#define CHECK_OBJ(o)
#define CHECK_OBJ_OR_NULL(o)
class Context {
struct Hal {
void * drv;
RsdHalFunctions funcs;
uint32_t flags;
Hal mHal;
static Context * createContext(Device *, const RsSurfaceConfig *sc,
uint32_t flags = 0);
static Context * createContextLite();
static pthread_mutex_t gMessageMutex;
static pthread_mutex_t gInitMutex;
// Library mutex (for providing thread-safe calls from the runtime)
static pthread_mutex_t gLibMutex;
class PushState {
PushState(Context *);
ObjectBaseRef<ProgramFragment> mFragment;
ObjectBaseRef<ProgramVertex> mVertex;
ObjectBaseRef<ProgramStore> mStore;
ObjectBaseRef<ProgramRaster> mRaster;
ObjectBaseRef<Font> mFont;
Context *mRsc;
RsSurfaceConfig mUserSurfaceConfig;
ElementState mStateElement;
TypeState mStateType;
SamplerState mStateSampler;
bool isSynchronous() {return mSynchronous;}
bool setupCheck();
FBOCache mFBOCache;
ProgramFragmentState mStateFragment;
ProgramStoreState mStateFragmentStore;
ProgramRasterState mStateRaster;
ProgramVertexState mStateVertex;
FontState mStateFont;
void swapBuffers();
void setRootScript(Script *);
void setProgramRaster(ProgramRaster *);
void setProgramVertex(ProgramVertex *);
void setProgramFragment(ProgramFragment *);
void setProgramStore(ProgramStore *);
void setFont(Font *);
void updateSurface(void *sur);
ProgramFragment * getProgramFragment() {return mFragment.get();}
ProgramStore * getProgramStore() {return mFragmentStore.get();}
ProgramRaster * getProgramRaster() {return mRaster.get();}
ProgramVertex * getProgramVertex() {return mVertex.get();}
Font * getFont() {return mFont.get();}
void setupProgramStore();
void pause();
void resume();
void setSurface(uint32_t w, uint32_t h, RsNativeWindow sur);
void finish();
void setPriority(int32_t p);
void destroyWorkerThreadResources();
void assignName(ObjectBase *obj, const char *name, uint32_t len);
void removeName(ObjectBase *obj);
RsMessageToClientType peekMessageToClient(size_t *receiveLen, uint32_t *subID);
RsMessageToClientType getMessageToClient(void *data, size_t *receiveLen, uint32_t *subID, size_t bufferLen);
bool sendMessageToClient(const void *data, RsMessageToClientType cmdID, uint32_t subID, size_t len, bool waitForSpace) const;
uint32_t runScript(Script *s);
void initToClient();
void deinitToClient();
ProgramFragment * getDefaultProgramFragment() const {
return mStateFragment.mDefault.get();
ProgramVertex * getDefaultProgramVertex() const {
return mStateVertex.mDefault.get();
ProgramStore * getDefaultProgramStore() const {
return mStateFragmentStore.mDefault.get();
ProgramRaster * getDefaultProgramRaster() const {
return mStateRaster.mDefault.get();
Font* getDefaultFont() const {
return mStateFont.mDefault.get();
uint32_t getWidth() const {return mWidth;}
uint32_t getHeight() const {return mHeight;}
uint32_t getCurrentSurfaceWidth() const;
uint32_t getCurrentSurfaceHeight() const;
void setWatchdogGL(const char *cmd, uint32_t line, const char *file) const {
watchdog.command = cmd;
watchdog.file = file;
watchdog.line = line;
mutable ThreadIO mIO;
// Timers
enum Timers {
uint64_t getTime() const;
void timerInit();
void timerReset();
void timerSet(Timers);
void timerPrint();
void timerFrame();
struct {
bool mLogTimes;
bool mLogScripts;
bool mLogShaders;
bool mLogShadersAttr;
bool mLogShadersUniforms;
bool mLogVisual;
uint32_t mDebugMaxThreads;
} props;
mutable struct {
bool inRoot;
const char *command;
const char *file;
uint32_t line;
} watchdog;
static void printWatchdogInfo(void *ctx);
void dumpDebug() const;
void setError(RsError e, const char *msg = nullptr) const;
mutable const ObjectBase * mObjHead;
uint32_t getDPI() const {return mDPI;}
void setDPI(uint32_t dpi) {mDPI = dpi;}
uint32_t getTargetSdkVersion() const {return mTargetSdkVersion;}
void setTargetSdkVersion(uint32_t sdkVer) {mTargetSdkVersion = sdkVer;}
RsContextType getContextType() const { return mContextType; }
void setContextType(RsContextType ct) { mContextType = ct; }
// Check for Fatal errors
// Should be used to prevent work from being launched
// which could take the process down. Maximizes the chance
// the process lives long enough to get the error to the developer
bool hadFatalError() {return mFatalErrorOccured;}
uint32_t getOptLevel() const { return mOptLevel; }
void setOptLevel(uint32_t optLevel) { mOptLevel = optLevel; }
Device *mDev;
void setNativeLibDir(const char * libDir, uint32_t length) {
if (!hasSetNativeLibDir) {
if (length <= PATH_MAX) {
memcpy(nativeLibDir, libDir, length);
nativeLibDir[length] = 0;
hasSetNativeLibDir = true;
} else {
setError(RS_ERROR_BAD_VALUE, "Invalid path");
const char * getNativeLibDir() {
return nativeLibDir;
void setCacheDir(const char * cacheDir_arg, uint32_t length);
const char * getCacheDir() {
if (hasSetCacheDir) {
return mCacheDir;
return nullptr;
// Returns the actual loaded driver's name (like "").
const char * getDriverName() {
return mDriverName;
// Set a new driver name, should be called from within
// rsdHalInit in order to alter default behaviour.
void setDriverName(const char * name) {
if (!mDriverName) {
mDriverName = name;
uint32_t mTargetSdkVersion;
uint32_t mDPI;
uint32_t mWidth;
uint32_t mHeight;
int32_t mThreadPriority;
bool mIsGraphicsContext;
bool mForceCpu;
RsContextType mContextType;
uint32_t mOptLevel;
bool mRunning;
bool mExit;
bool mPaused;
mutable bool mFatalErrorOccured;
mutable RsError mError;
pthread_t mThreadId;
pid_t mNativeThreadId;
ObjectBaseRef<Script> mRootScript;
ObjectBaseRef<ProgramFragment> mFragment;
ObjectBaseRef<ProgramVertex> mVertex;
ObjectBaseRef<ProgramStore> mFragmentStore;
ObjectBaseRef<ProgramRaster> mRaster;
ObjectBaseRef<Font> mFont;
void displayDebugStats();
bool initContext(Device *, const RsSurfaceConfig *sc);
void waitForDebugger();
bool mSynchronous;
bool initGLThread();
void deinitEGL();
uint32_t runRootScript();
bool loadRuntime(const char* filename);
bool loadDriver(bool forceDefault);
static void * threadProc(void *);
static void * helperThreadProc(void *);
bool mHasSurface;
bool mIsContextLite;
// This holds the name of the driver (like "").
// Since this is always just a static string, we don't have to
// allocate, copy, or free any memory here.
const char* mDriverName;
Vector<ObjectBase *> mNames;
uint64_t mTimers[_RS_TIMER_TOTAL];
Timers mTimerActive;
uint64_t mTimeLast;
uint64_t mTimeFrame;
uint64_t mTimeLastFrame;
uint32_t mTimeMSLastFrame;
uint32_t mTimeMSLastScript;
uint32_t mTimeMSLastSwap;
uint32_t mAverageFPSFrameCount;
uint64_t mAverageFPSStartTime;
uint32_t mAverageFPS;
bool hasSetNativeLibDir = false;
char nativeLibDir[PATH_MAX+1];
bool hasSetCacheDir = false;
char mCacheDir[PATH_MAX+1];
void LF_ObjDestroy_handcode(const Context *rsc, RsAsyncVoidPtr objPtr);
} // renderscript
} // android