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* Copyright (C) 2013 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include "rsElement.h"
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
namespace android {
namespace renderscript {
* Any layout changes for this class may require a corresponding change to be
* made to frameworks/rs/driver/runtime/rs_structs.h, which contains
* a partial copy of the information below.
class Type : public ObjectBase {
const static uint32_t mMaxArrays = 4;
struct Hal {
mutable void *drv;
struct State {
const Element * element;
// Size of the structure in the various dimensions. A missing Dimension is
// specified as a 0 and not a 1.
uint32_t dimX;
uint32_t dimY;
uint32_t dimZ;
uint32_t *lodDimX;
uint32_t *lodDimY;
uint32_t *lodDimZ;
uint32_t *arrays;
uint32_t lodCount;
uint32_t dimYuv;
uint32_t arrayCount;
bool faces;
State state;
Hal mHal;
void operator delete(void* ptr);
Type * createTex2D(const Element *, size_t w, size_t h, bool mip);
size_t getCellCount() const {return mCellCount;}
size_t getElementSizeBytes() const {return mElement->getSizeBytes();}
size_t getPackedSizeBytes() const {return mCellCount * mElement->getSizeBytes();}
const Element * getElement() const {return mElement.get();}
uint32_t getDimX() const {return mHal.state.dimX;}
uint32_t getDimY() const {return mHal.state.dimY;}
uint32_t getDimZ() const {return mHal.state.dimZ;}
bool getDimLOD() const {return mDimLOD;}
bool getDimFaces() const {return mHal.state.faces;}
uint32_t getDimYuv() const {return mHal.state.dimYuv;}
uint32_t getArray(uint32_t idx) const {
if (idx < mHal.state.arrayCount) {
return mHal.state.arrays[idx];
return 0;
uint32_t getLODDimX(uint32_t lod) const {
rsAssert(lod < mHal.state.lodCount);
return mHal.state.lodDimX[lod];
uint32_t getLODDimY(uint32_t lod) const {
rsAssert(lod < mHal.state.lodCount);
return mHal.state.lodDimY[lod];
uint32_t getLODDimZ(uint32_t lod) const {
rsAssert(lod < mHal.state.lodCount);
return mHal.state.lodDimZ[lod];
uint32_t getLODCount() const {return mHal.state.lodCount;}
bool getIsNp2() const;
void clear();
void compute();
void dumpLOGV(const char *prefix) const;
virtual void serialize(Context *rsc, OStream *stream) const;
virtual RsA3DClassID getClassId() const { return RS_A3D_CLASS_ID_TYPE; }
static Type *createFromStream(Context *rsc, IStream *stream);
ObjectBaseRef<Type> cloneAndResize1D(Context *rsc, uint32_t dimX) const;
ObjectBaseRef<Type> cloneAndResize2D(Context *rsc, uint32_t dimX, uint32_t dimY) const;
static ObjectBaseRef<Type> getTypeRef(Context *rsc, const Element *e,
const RsTypeCreateParams *params, size_t len);
static Type* getType(Context *rsc, const Element *e,
const RsTypeCreateParams *params, size_t len) {
ObjectBaseRef<Type> type = getTypeRef(rsc, e, params, len);
return type.get();
static ObjectBaseRef<Type> getTypeRef(Context *rsc, const Element *e, uint32_t dimX, uint32_t dimY = 0) {
RsTypeCreateParams p;
memset(&p, 0, sizeof(p));
p.dimX = dimX;
p.dimY = dimY;
return getTypeRef(rsc, e, &p, sizeof(p));
void incRefs(const void *ptr, size_t ct, size_t startOff = 0) const;
void decRefs(const void *ptr, size_t ct, size_t startOff = 0) const;
virtual void callUpdateCacheObject(const Context *rsc, void *dstObj) const;
void makeLODTable();
bool mDimLOD;
// Internal structure from most to least significant.
// * Array dimensions
// * Faces
// * Mipmaps
// * xyz
ObjectBaseRef<const Element> mElement;
// count of mipmap levels, 0 indicates no mipmapping
size_t mCellCount;
virtual void preDestroy() const;
virtual ~Type();
Type(Context *);
Type(const Type &);
class TypeState {
// Cache of all existing types.
Vector<Type *> mTypes;