filter deviceIdentifiers for subscriptionInfo if callers without perm

Fix a security issue that app can read iccId of sim card(s) without
requiring READ_PRIVILEGED_PHONE_STATE permission when calling hidden API SubscriptionManager.getAllActiveSubscriptionInfoList. Apply
deviceIdentifier filter to remove those info if the caller does not have proper permissions.

Bug: 183612370
Test: Manual
Merged-in: If7d243c40d187008f8cb314b162228cbad1702a4
Change-Id: If7d243c40d187008f8cb314b162228cbad1702a4
(cherry picked from commit f6bb9b20840c29e74a37ea2b880e63b3fc9470ff)
(cherry picked from commit f24c432620af8a772fdf09ba960573e78f2a99cf)
diff --git a/src/java/com/android/internal/telephony/ b/src/java/com/android/internal/telephony/
index c0939f1..94d6d5f 100644
--- a/src/java/com/android/internal/telephony/
+++ b/src/java/com/android/internal/telephony/
@@ -891,6 +891,10 @@
             subList = getSubInfo(null, null);
             if (subList != null) {
                 if (VDBG) logd("[getAllSubInfoList]- " + subList.size() + " infos return");
+                        subscriptionInfo -> conditionallyRemoveIdentifiers(subscriptionInfo,
+                                callingPackage, callingFeatureId, "getAllSubInfoList"))
+                        .collect(Collectors.toList());
             } else {
                 if (VDBG) logd("[getAllSubInfoList]- no info return");