problem to send SMS message by bluetooth MAP profile.

Currently SMSDispatcher will add the message to Sms.Sent database
for all non default SMS application.
This won't work for Bluetooth MAP profile.
In the bluetooth MAP spec, at 5.8 PushMessageFunction,
there are a parameter to control how to send the message by Bluetooth MAP.
Transparent:This parameter may be used to indicate to the MSE(phone)
that no copy of the message shall be kept in the 'Sent' folder
after the message was sent. This is especially useful for telematics applications,
 e.g., frequent sending of car's speed and position for traffic measurements
(floating car data).
This application parameter is optional. The value of this parameter is "OFF"
(keep messages in 'Sent' folder) and "ON" (don't keep messages in Sent' folder).
If Transparent is "ON", we shouldn't put the message in Sent folder.
SMSDispatcher always put the message in Sms.Sent
which is mapped to the Sent folder in bluetooth MAP.
Prefer to let bluetooth to decide whether put the message in Sms.Sent based
on Transparent parameter value.

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