simcard: With Kazakh Beeline SIM card, there isn't STK menu is modified to fix an erroneous EF_IMG file path
information. The other is file, which is modified
to ignore the result of reading EF_IMG file.

This Beeline SIM card returned an error status word when the mobile device
accessed the EF_IMG file in this SIM card.
(I think this Beeline SIM card does not support EF_IMG file.)
As a result, This error result stoped processing the setup menu proactive
command, and there was no STK menu.

So, I modified the file to ignore the result of
EF_IMG file read operation.
After applying this modification,  The STK menu was successfully displayed.
(This issue was resolved by these modified files.)

I think there will be no critical problem even if the EF_IMG(Icon image) file
is ignored.

Bug: 7585989

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