Telephony:  set default language of Canada as 'en'

The Canada SIM cards have the dual-IMSI functionality for the roaming
service. If it is working and the default system language is not set,
the system language can be changed by the MCC of the 2nd IMSI. So, the
default language should not be 'null'. This patch fills in the default
language of Canada as English.

Bug: 11361337
Change-Id: Iea6213e3ceca4a1cf054ebd9a13bb1d5574013b1
diff --git a/src/java/com/android/internal/telephony/ b/src/java/com/android/internal/telephony/
index 5613709..c57a8c4 100644
--- a/src/java/com/android/internal/telephony/
+++ b/src/java/com/android/internal/telephony/
@@ -429,7 +429,7 @@
                 sTable.add(new MccEntry(294,"mk",2));   //The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
 		sTable.add(new MccEntry(295,"li",2));	//Liechtenstein (Principality of)
                 sTable.add(new MccEntry(297,"me",2));    //Montenegro (Republic of)
-		sTable.add(new MccEntry(302,"ca",3,""));	//Canada
+		sTable.add(new MccEntry(302,"ca",3,"en"));	//Canada
 		sTable.add(new MccEntry(308,"pm",2));	//Saint Pierre and Miquelon (Collectivit territoriale de la Rpublique franaise)
 		sTable.add(new MccEntry(310,"us",3,"en"));	//United States of America
 		sTable.add(new MccEntry(311,"us",3,"en"));	//United States of America