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* Copyright 2016, The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
namespace android {
/* JNI Helpers for wifi_hal to WifiNative bridge implementation */
class JNIHelper;
template<typename T>
class JNIObject {
JNIHelper &mHelper;
T mObj;
JNIObject(JNIHelper &helper, T obj);
JNIObject(const JNIObject<T>& rhs);
virtual ~JNIObject();
JNIHelper& getHelper() const {
return mHelper;
T get() const {
return mObj;
operator T() const {
return mObj;
bool isNull() const {
return mObj == NULL;
void release();
T detach() {
T tObj = mObj;
mObj = NULL;
return tObj;
T clone();
JNIObject<T>& operator = (const JNIObject<T>& rhs) {
mHelper = rhs.mHelper;
mObj = rhs.mObj;
return *this;
void print() {
ALOGD("holding %p", mObj);
template<typename T2>
JNIObject(const JNIObject<T2>& rhs);
class JNIHelper {
JavaVM *mVM;
JNIEnv *mEnv;
public :
JNIHelper(JavaVM *vm);
JNIHelper(JNIEnv *env);
void throwException(const char *message, int line);
/* helpers to deal with members */
jboolean getBoolField(jobject obj, const char *name);
jint getIntField(jobject obj, const char *name);
jlong getLongField(jobject obj, const char *name);
JNIObject<jstring> getStringField(jobject obj, const char *name);
bool getStringFieldValue(jobject obj, const char *name, char *buf, int size);
JNIObject<jobject> getObjectField(jobject obj, const char *name, const char *type);
JNIObject<jobjectArray> getArrayField(jobject obj, const char *name, const char *type);
void getByteArrayField(jobject obj, const char *name, byte* buf, int size);
jlong getLongArrayField(jobject obj, const char *name, int index);
JNIObject<jobject> getObjectArrayField(
jobject obj, const char *name, const char *type, int index);
void setIntField(jobject obj, const char *name, jint value);
void setByteField(jobject obj, const char *name, jbyte value);
jbyte getByteField(jobject obj, const char *name);
void setBooleanField(jobject obj, const char *name, jboolean value);
void setLongField(jobject obj, const char *name, jlong value);
void setLongArrayField(jobject obj, const char *name, jlongArray value);
void setLongArrayElement(jobject obj, const char *name, int index, jlong value);
jboolean setStringField(jobject obj, const char *name, const char *value);
void reportEvent(jclass cls, const char *method, const char *signature, ...);
JNIObject<jobject> createObject(const char *className);
JNIObject<jobject> createObjectWithArgs(const char *className, const char *signature, ...);
JNIObject<jobjectArray> createObjectArray(const char *className, int size);
void setObjectField(jobject obj, const char *name, const char *type, jobject value);
void callMethod(jobject obj, const char *method, const char *signature, ...);
/* helpers to deal with static members */
jlong getStaticLongField(jobject obj, const char *name);
jlong getStaticLongField(jclass cls, const char *name);
void setStaticLongField(jobject obj, const char *name, jlong value);
void setStaticLongField(jclass cls, const char *name, jlong value);
jlong getStaticLongArrayField(jobject obj, const char *name, int index);
jlong getStaticLongArrayField(jclass cls, const char *name, int index);
void setStaticLongArrayField(jobject obj, const char *name, jlongArray value);
void setStaticLongArrayField(jclass obj, const char *name, jlongArray value);
jboolean callStaticMethod(jclass cls, const char *method, const char *signature, ...);
JNIObject<jobject> getObjectArrayElement(jobjectArray array, int index);
JNIObject<jobject> getObjectArrayElement(jobject array, int index);
int getArrayLength(jarray array);
JNIObject<jobjectArray> newObjectArray(int num, const char *className, jobject val);
JNIObject<jbyteArray> newByteArray(int num);
JNIObject<jintArray> newIntArray(int num);
JNIObject<jlongArray> newLongArray(int num);
JNIObject<jstring> newStringUTF(const char *utf);
void setObjectArrayElement(jobjectArray array, int index, jobject obj);
void setByteArrayRegion(jbyteArray array, int from, int to, const jbyte *bytes);
void setIntArrayRegion(jintArray array, int from, int to, const jint *ints);
void setLongArrayRegion(jlongArray array, int from, int to, const jlong *longs);
jobject newGlobalRef(jobject obj);
void deleteGlobalRef(jobject obj);
/* Jni wrappers */
friend class JNIObject<jobject>;
friend class JNIObject<jstring>;
friend class JNIObject<jobjectArray>;
friend class JNIObject<jclass>;
friend class JNIObject<jlongArray>;
friend class JNIObject<jbyteArray>;
friend class JNIObject<jintArray>;
jobject newLocalRef(jobject obj);
void deleteLocalRef(jobject obj);
template<typename T>
JNIObject<T>::JNIObject(JNIHelper &helper, T obj)
: mHelper(helper), mObj(obj)
{ }
template<typename T>
JNIObject<T>::JNIObject(const JNIObject<T>& rhs)
: mHelper(rhs.mHelper), mObj(NULL)
mObj = (T)mHelper.newLocalRef(rhs.mObj);
template<typename T>
JNIObject<T>::~JNIObject() {
template<typename T>
void JNIObject<T>::release()
if (mObj != NULL) {
mObj = NULL;
template<typename T>
T JNIObject<T>::clone()
return mHelper.newLocalRef(mObj);
#define THROW(env, message) (env).throwException(message, __LINE__)