Ensure ike works as a shared library

A related change is going to switch ike to using
framework-module-defaults. That sets shared_library: false as most
framework libraries are not intended and should not be usable as a
shared library. This change ensures that ike's behavior is not changed
by that switch.

Bug: 156723295
Test: m nothing
Change-Id: I529f6267781c7bc3197106649ea6db91db41ea9a
Merged-In: I529f6267781c7bc3197106649ea6db91db41ea9a
Exempt-From-Owner-Approval: minor build refactoring.
(cherry picked from commit a6fbe8433a985cac0b8760f4930293ab835e3d3c)
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IKEv2 Library for Android


This IKEv2 library is an in-process client library implementing the IKEv2 protocol as well as extensions necessary for the support of IWLAN. It is designed to work in a non-privileged fashion on top of the Android IPsec API surface.