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In order to build using prebuild NDK versions, this project must be initialized from a custom repo using:
mkdir android-games-sdk
cd android-games-sdk
Corp -> repo init -u persistent- -b android-games-sdk
AOSP -> repo init -u -b android-games-sdk
repo sync -c -j8
./gradlew gamesdkZip
will build static and dynamic libraries for several NDK versions.
By default, the gradle script builds target archiveZip, which will use a locally installed SDK/NDK pointed
to by ANDROID_HOME (and ANDROID_NDK, if the ndk isn't in ANDROID_HOME/ndk-bundle).
It is also possible to build from a direct AOSP checkout, but then you won't be able to build for multiple
NDKs: archiveZip will still work but the gamesdkZip target will fail.