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Version 1.0.0
- This initial version of the Android Game SDK features the Android Frame Pacing library.
- Features
- Display buffer synchronization.
- Auto refresh rate mode and pipelining support.
- Collection of frame rendering statistics.
- Graceful selection of behavior at runtime, depending on the presence of the Android, OpenGL,
and Vulkan features needed by Swappy.
- Static and dynamic linking of the library.
- Support for devices with multiple refresh rates.
For more information, see
Version 1.0.1
- This is primarily a bug fix release.
- Bugs fixed
- Clean up resources at exit in Swappy Vulkan on the SwappyFallback code path.
- SwappyVk_destroySwapchain now doesn't destroy device resources if there is more than one
- The Swappy version is now printed in logcat.
- New features
- Support for custom thread managers (Swappy_setThreadFunctions)
- Support for hooking of Vulkan functions (SwappyVk_setFunctionProvider)