libgui: Add generation numbers to BufferQueue

This change allows producers to set a generation number on a
BufferQueue. This number will be embedded in any new GraphicBuffers
created in that BufferQueue, and attempts to attach buffers which have
a different generation number will fail.

It also plumbs the setGenerationNumber method through Surface, with the
additional effect that any buffers attached to the Surface after
setting a new generation number will automatically be updated with the
new number (as opposed to failing, as would happen on through IGBP).

Bug: 20923096
Change-Id: I32bf726b035f99c3e5834beaf76afb9f01adcbc2
(cherry picked from commit 812ed0644f8f8f71ca403f4e5793f0dbc1fcf9b2)
18 files changed