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package {
default_applicable_licenses: ["frameworks_native_license"],
// Added automatically by a large-scale-change that took the approach of
// 'apply every license found to every target'. While this makes sure we respect
// every license restriction, it may not be entirely correct.
// e.g. GPL in an MIT project might only apply to the contrib/ directory.
// Please consider splitting the single license below into multiple licenses,
// taking care not to lose any license_kind information, and overriding the
// default license using the 'licenses: [...]' property on targets as needed.
// For unused files, consider creating a 'fileGroup' with "//visibility:private"
// to attach the license to, and including a comment whether the files may be
// used in the current project.
// large-scale-change filtered out the below license kinds as false-positives:
// SPDX-license-identifier-LGPL
// SPDX-license-identifier-LGPL-2.1
// SPDX-license-identifier-LGPL-3.0
// See: http://go/android-license-faq
license {
name: "frameworks_native_license",
visibility: [":__subpackages__"],
license_kinds: [
license_text: [
ndk_headers {
name: "libandroid_headers",
from: "include/android",
to: "android",
srcs: ["include/android/**/*.h"],
license: "NOTICE",
subdirs = [
cc_library_headers {
name: "libandroid_sensor_headers",
vendor: true,
export_include_dirs: ["include_sensor"],
filegroup {
name: "framework_native_aidl_binder",
srcs: ["aidl/binder/**/*.aidl"],
path: "aidl/binder",
visibility: ["//frameworks/native"],
filegroup {
name: "framework_native_aidl_gui",
srcs: ["aidl/gui/**/*.aidl"],
path: "aidl/gui",
visibility: ["//frameworks/native"],
filegroup {
name: "framework_native_aidl",
srcs: [
name: "libandroid_headers_private",
export_include_dirs: ["include/private"],
filegroup {
name: "deviceproductinfoconstants_aidl",
srcs: ["aidl/android/hardware/display/IDeviceProductInfoConstants.aidl"],
path: "aidl",