DO NOT MERGE: dumpstate: execute procrank using su

procrank is a setuid binary which only exists on userdebug/eng
builds. Instead of executing the setuid binary, run the binary using
the su command. This eliminates one more setuid binary, and allows
the tightening of the SELinux policy.

Bug: 18342188

(cherry picked from commit 2b1f88b6ac78e330ff006da6fecf8bc9d976ec67)
Bug: 25951005

Change-Id: I90c86f89974b3878273a29277b2a5d5d7c4b81c7
diff --git a/cmds/dumpstate/dumpstate.c b/cmds/dumpstate/dumpstate.c
index 792f015..e4b9564 100644
--- a/cmds/dumpstate/dumpstate.c
+++ b/cmds/dumpstate/dumpstate.c
@@ -299,7 +299,7 @@
     dump_files("UPTIME MMC PERF", mmcblk0, skip_not_stat, dump_stat_from_fd);
     dump_file("MEMORY INFO", "/proc/meminfo");
     run_command("CPU INFO", 10, "top", "-n", "1", "-d", "1", "-m", "30", "-t", NULL);
-    run_command("PROCRANK", 20, "procrank", NULL);
+    run_command("PROCRANK", 20, SU_PATH, "root", "procrank", NULL);
     dump_file("VIRTUAL MEMORY STATS", "/proc/vmstat");
     dump_file("VMALLOC INFO", "/proc/vmallocinfo");
     dump_file("SLAB INFO", "/proc/slabinfo");