libbinder: Return UNEXPECTED_NULL when appropriate

Return a meaningful and consistent error code when libbinder encounters
a null reference that it didn't expect.  This allows us to detect these
situations and cause a corresponding NullPointerException to be thrown
on the remote callsite.

While here, consolidate places we read vector<T> from a parcel into a
single templated version.  This dramatically reduces code duplication.

Bug: 25617251
Test: Integration tests asserting that vectors serialize correctly
      passes.  Integration test asserting that we throw
      NullPointerException on seeing a null reference also passes.

(cherry picked from commit 4db672ddccb02b2bd70ddb4812c00a5060174c93)

Change-Id: Icdb0b29aaff93e85884314c0304cd786e7b4e34f
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