This subdirectory contains Android's Vulkan loader, as well as some Vulkan-related tools useful to platform developers.


The former contents of doc/implementors_guide/ are now at

Coding Style

We follow the Chromium coding style for naming and formatting, except with four-space indentation instead of two spaces. In general, any C++ features supported by the prebuilt platform toolchain are allowed.

Use “clang-format -style=file” to format all C/C++ code, except code imported verbatim from elsewhere. Setting up git-clang-format in your environment is recommended.

Code Generation

We generate several parts of the loader and tools driectly from the Vulkan Registry (external/vulkan-headers/registry/vk.xml). Code generation must be done manually because the generator is not part of the platform toolchain (yet?). Files named foo_gen.* are generated by the code generator.

Run The Code Generator

Install Python3 (if not already installed) and execute below: $ ./scripts/