Minikin Style Guide

The C++ style in Minikin follows Android Framework C++ Code Style Guide except for following rules:

  • Order of include

In dir/ or dir/, whose main purpose is to implement or test the stuff in dir2/foo2.h, order your includes as follows:

  1. dir2/foo.h
  2. A blank line
  3. C system files
  4. C++ system files
  5. A blank line
  6. Other libraries' files
  7. A blank line
  8. Minikin public files
  9. A blank line
  10. Minikin private files

For example,

#include "minikin/Layout.h"  // The corresponding header file.

#include <math.h>  // C system header files.
#include <string>  // C++ system header files.

#include <hb.h>  // Other library, HarfBuzz, header file.
#include <log/log.h>  // Other library, Android, header file.
#include <unicode/ubidi.h>  // Other library, ICU, header file.

#include "minikin/Emoji.h"  // The minikin public header file.
#include "HbFontCache.h"  // The minikin private header file.
  • “<>” vs ""

    • #include <...> should be used for non local library files.
    • #include "..." should be used for minikin header files.