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// Copyright 2006 The Android Open Source Project
// Build resource files from raw assets.
#ifndef XML_NODE_H
#define XML_NODE_H
#include "StringPool.h"
#include "ResourceTable.h"
#include <expat.h>
class XMLNode;
extern const char* const RESOURCES_ROOT_NAMESPACE;
extern const char* const RESOURCES_ANDROID_NAMESPACE;
bool isWhitespace(const char16_t* str);
String16 getNamespaceResourcePackage(String16 namespaceUri, bool* outIsPublic = NULL);
status_t parseStyledString(Bundle* bundle,
const char* fileName,
ResXMLTree* inXml,
const String16& endTag,
String16* outString,
Vector<StringPool::entry_style_span>* outSpans,
bool isFormatted,
PseudolocalizationMethod isPseudolocalizable);
void printXMLBlock(ResXMLTree* block);
status_t parseXMLResource(const sp<AaptFile>& file, ResXMLTree* outTree,
bool stripAll=true, bool keepComments=false,
const char** cDataTags=NULL);
class XMLNode : public RefBase
static sp<XMLNode> parse(const sp<AaptFile>& file);
static inline
sp<XMLNode> newNamespace(const String8& filename, const String16& prefix, const String16& uri) {
return new XMLNode(filename, prefix, uri, true);
static inline
sp<XMLNode> newElement(const String8& filename, const String16& ns, const String16& name) {
return new XMLNode(filename, ns, name, false);
static inline
sp<XMLNode> newCData(const String8& filename) {
return new XMLNode(filename);
enum type {
type getType() const;
const String16& getNamespacePrefix() const;
const String16& getNamespaceUri() const;
const String16& getElementNamespace() const;
const String16& getElementName() const;
const Vector<sp<XMLNode> >& getChildren() const;
Vector<sp<XMLNode> >& getChildren();
const String8& getFilename() const;
struct attribute_entry {
attribute_entry() : index(~(uint32_t)0), nameResId(0)
value.dataType = Res_value::TYPE_NULL;
bool needStringValue() const {
return nameResId == 0
|| value.dataType == Res_value::TYPE_NULL
|| value.dataType == Res_value::TYPE_STRING;
String16 ns;
String16 name;
String16 string;
Res_value value;
uint32_t index;
uint32_t nameResId;
mutable uint32_t namePoolIdx;
const Vector<attribute_entry>& getAttributes() const;
const attribute_entry* getAttribute(const String16& ns, const String16& name) const;
bool removeAttribute(const String16& ns, const String16& name);
attribute_entry* editAttribute(const String16& ns, const String16& name);
const String16& getCData() const;
const String16& getComment() const;
int32_t getStartLineNumber() const;
int32_t getEndLineNumber() const;
sp<XMLNode> searchElement(const String16& tagNamespace, const String16& tagName);
sp<XMLNode> getChildElement(const String16& tagNamespace, const String16& tagName);
status_t addChild(const sp<XMLNode>& child);
status_t insertChildAt(const sp<XMLNode>& child, size_t index);
status_t addAttribute(const String16& ns, const String16& name,
const String16& value);
status_t removeAttribute(size_t index);
void setAttributeResID(size_t attrIdx, uint32_t resId);
status_t appendChars(const String16& chars);
status_t appendComment(const String16& comment);
void setStartLineNumber(int32_t line);
void setEndLineNumber(int32_t line);
void removeWhitespace(bool stripAll=true, const char** cDataTags=NULL);
void setUTF8(bool val) { mUTF8 = val; }
status_t parseValues(const sp<AaptAssets>& assets, ResourceTable* table);
status_t assignResourceIds(const sp<AaptAssets>& assets,
const ResourceTable* table = NULL);
status_t flatten(const sp<AaptFile>& dest, bool stripComments,
bool stripRawValues) const;
sp<XMLNode> clone() const;
void print(int indent=0);
struct ParseState
String8 filename;
XML_Parser parser;
sp<XMLNode> root;
Vector<sp<XMLNode> > stack;
String16 pendingComment;
static void XMLCALL
startNamespace(void *userData, const char *prefix, const char *uri);
static void XMLCALL
startElement(void *userData, const char *name, const char **atts);
static void XMLCALL
characterData(void *userData, const XML_Char *s, int len);
static void XMLCALL
endElement(void *userData, const char *name);
static void XMLCALL
endNamespace(void *userData, const char *prefix);
static void XMLCALL
commentData(void *userData, const char *comment);
// For cloning
// Creating an element node.
XMLNode(const String8& filename, const String16& s1, const String16& s2, bool isNamespace);
// Creating a CDATA node.
explicit XMLNode(const String8& filename);
status_t collect_strings(StringPool* dest, Vector<uint32_t>* outResIds,
bool stripComments, bool stripRawValues) const;
status_t collect_attr_strings(StringPool* outPool,
Vector<uint32_t>* outResIds, bool allAttrs) const;
status_t collect_resid_strings(StringPool* outPool,
Vector<uint32_t>* outResIds) const;
status_t flatten_node(const StringPool& strings, const sp<AaptFile>& dest,
bool stripComments, bool stripRawValues) const;
String16 mNamespacePrefix;
String16 mNamespaceUri;
String16 mElementName;
Vector<sp<XMLNode> > mChildren;
Vector<attribute_entry> mAttributes;
KeyedVector<uint32_t, uint32_t> mAttributeOrder;
uint32_t mNextAttributeIndex;
String16 mChars;
Res_value mCharsValue;
String16 mComment;
String8 mFilename;
int32_t mStartLineNumber;
int32_t mEndLineNumber;
// Encode compiled XML with UTF-8 StringPools?
bool mUTF8;