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* Copyright (C) 2010 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <cutils/compiler.h>
#include <cutils/properties.h>
* This file contains the list of system properties used to configure libhwui.
namespace android {
namespace uirenderer {
// Compile-time properties
// Textures used by layers must have dimensions multiples of this number
#define LAYER_SIZE 64
// Defines the size in bits of the stencil buffer for the framebuffer
// Note: Only 1 bit is required for clipping but more bits are required
// to properly implement overdraw debugging
// Debug properties
* Debug level for app developers. The value is a numeric value defined
* by the DebugLevel enum below.
#define PROPERTY_DEBUG "debug.hwui.level"
* Debug levels. Debug levels are used as flags.
enum DebugLevel {
kDebugDisabled = 0,
kDebugMemory = 1,
kDebugCaches = 2,
kDebugMoreCaches = kDebugMemory | kDebugCaches
* Used to enable/disable layers update debugging. The accepted values are
* "true" and "false". The default value is "false".
#define PROPERTY_DEBUG_LAYERS_UPDATES "debug.hwui.show_layers_updates"
* Used to enable/disable overdraw debugging.
* The accepted values are
* "show", to show overdraw
* "show_deuteranomaly", to show overdraw if you suffer from Deuteranomaly
* "count", to show an overdraw counter
* "false", to disable overdraw debugging
* The default value is "false".
#define PROPERTY_DEBUG_OVERDRAW "debug.hwui.overdraw"
* System property used to enable or disable hardware rendering profiling.
* The default value of this property is assumed to be false.
* When profiling is enabled, the adb shell dumpsys gfxinfo command will
* output extra information about the time taken to execute by the last
* frames.
* Possible values:
* "true", to enable profiling
* "visual_bars", to enable profiling and visualize the results on screen
* "false", to disable profiling
#define PROPERTY_PROFILE "debug.hwui.profile"
* Turn on to draw dirty regions every other frame.
* Possible values:
* "true", to enable dirty regions debugging
* "false", to disable dirty regions debugging
#define PROPERTY_DEBUG_SHOW_DIRTY_REGIONS "debug.hwui.show_dirty_regions"
* Setting this property will enable or disable the dropping of frames with
* empty damage. Default is "true".
#define PROPERTY_SKIP_EMPTY_DAMAGE "debug.hwui.skip_empty_damage"
* Controls whether or not HWUI will use the EGL_EXT_buffer_age extension
* to do partial invalidates. Setting this to "false" will fall back to
* using BUFFER_PRESERVED instead
* Default is "true"
#define PROPERTY_USE_BUFFER_AGE "debug.hwui.use_buffer_age"
* Setting this to "false" will force HWUI to always do full-redraws of the surface.
* This will disable the use of EGL_EXT_buffer_age and BUFFER_PRESERVED.
* Default is "true"
#define PROPERTY_ENABLE_PARTIAL_UPDATES "debug.hwui.use_partial_updates"
#define PROPERTY_FILTER_TEST_OVERHEAD "debug.hwui.filter_test_overhead"
* Indicates whether PBOs can be used to back pixel buffers.
* Accepted values are "true" and "false". Default is true.
#define PROPERTY_ENABLE_GPU_PIXEL_BUFFERS "debug.hwui.use_gpu_pixel_buffers"
* Allows to set rendering pipeline mode to OpenGL (default), Skia OpenGL
* or Vulkan.
#define PROPERTY_RENDERER "debug.hwui.renderer"
* Allows to collect a recording of Skia drawing commands.
#define PROPERTY_CAPTURE_SKP_ENABLED "debug.hwui.capture_skp_enabled"
* Allows to record Skia drawing commands with systrace.
#define PROPERTY_SKIA_ATRACE_ENABLED "debug.hwui.skia_atrace_enabled"
* Defines how many frames in a sequence to capture.
#define PROPERTY_CAPTURE_SKP_FRAMES "debug.hwui.capture_skp_frames"
* File name and location, where a SKP recording will be saved.
#define PROPERTY_CAPTURE_SKP_FILENAME "debug.hwui.skp_filename"
* Property for whether this is running in the emulator.
#define PROPERTY_QEMU_KERNEL "ro.kernel.qemu"
#define PROPERTY_RENDERAHEAD "debug.hwui.render_ahead"
// Misc
// Converts a number of mega-bytes into bytes
#define MB(s) ((s)*1024 * 1024)
// Converts a number of kilo-bytes into bytes
#define KB(s) ((s)*1024)
enum class ProfileType { None, Console, Bars };
enum class OverdrawColorSet { Default = 0, Deuteranomaly };
enum class RenderPipelineType { SkiaGL, SkiaVulkan, NotInitialized = 128 };
* Renderthread-only singleton which manages several static rendering properties. Most of these
* are driven by system properties which are queried once at initialization, and again if init()
* is called.
class Properties {
static bool load();
static bool debugLayersUpdates;
static bool debugOverdraw;
static bool showDirtyRegions;
// TODO: Remove after stabilization period
static bool skipEmptyFrames;
static bool useBufferAge;
static bool enablePartialUpdates;
// TODO: Move somewhere else?
static constexpr float textGamma = 1.45f;
static DebugLevel debugLevel;
static OverdrawColorSet overdrawColorSet;
// Override the value for a subset of properties in this class
static void overrideProperty(const char* name, const char* value);
static float overrideLightRadius;
static float overrideLightPosY;
static float overrideLightPosZ;
static float overrideAmbientRatio;
static int overrideAmbientShadowStrength;
static int overrideSpotShadowStrength;
static ProfileType getProfileType();
ANDROID_API static RenderPipelineType peekRenderPipelineType();
ANDROID_API static RenderPipelineType getRenderPipelineType();
ANDROID_API static bool enableHighContrastText;
// Should be used only by test apps
static bool waitForGpuCompletion;
static bool forceDrawFrame;
// Should only be set by automated tests to try and filter out
// any overhead they add
static bool filterOutTestOverhead;
// Workaround a device lockup in edge cases by switching to async mode
// instead of the default vsync (b/38372997). Only system_server should hit this.
// Any existing RenderProxy & Surface combination will be unaffected, only things
// created after changing this.
static bool disableVsync;
static bool skpCaptureEnabled;
// For experimentation b/68769804
ANDROID_API static bool enableRTAnimations;
// Used for testing only to change the render pipeline.
static void overrideRenderPipelineType(RenderPipelineType);
static bool runningInEmulator;
ANDROID_API static bool debuggingEnabled;
ANDROID_API static bool isolatedProcess;
ANDROID_API static int contextPriority;
static int defaultRenderAhead;
static ProfileType sProfileType;
static bool sDisableProfileBars;
static RenderPipelineType sRenderPipelineType;
}; // class Caches
} // namespace uirenderer
} // namespace android